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Leading Ladies in Film | How To Recreate Hollywood's Iconic Movie Hairstyles

March 09, 2020 | Posted by NuMe Team
Leading Ladies in Film | How To Recreate Hollywood's Iconic Movie Hairstyles

We’ve all watched movies that set hair goals for us.Many characters in Hollywood films have become synonymous with their famous movie character hairstyle. We really can’t reference these characters without their hairstyles! Ask yourselves, are these characters most favorable because of their hairstyles? For us, the answer is yes! We adore them even more! So now let us show you how to recreate these favorites big screen hair-dos!


Morticia Addams Jet-Black Straight Hair

Morticia Addams

The most loved, creepy family on the big screen is definitely the “Addams Family”. We seriously adore this kooky family. They’ve brought memorable hair moments to film such as Wednesday’s braid pigtails, to Cousin It’s long blonde hair! Our most-loved is Gomez’s cara mia, Morticia Addams. Her long sleek straight black hair is worth praising. It made her character even more sultry and mysterious -- the perfect seductive character. This iconic movie hairstyle is one of the most simple to recreate. You want to use a straightener that fights frizz and adds shine simultaneously. We recommend using the  NuMe Megastar X Straightener  as it is integrated with negative ion conditioning technology that maintains moisture and eliminates frizz by sealing the hair’s cuticle while boosting shine, resulting in a sleek straight do’ like Morticia’s. Finish off this look by applying a bold red lipstick!

Rizzo’s Short Curls 

Rizzo's Short Curls

In the 70’s Grease hit the big screens and not only made John Travolta a household name in Hollywood, but it also immortalized many great hair moments such as Sandy Dee with her blonde curls, and Danny with his sleek greaser style. Today, we are putting the spotlight on  our favorite bad girl, Rizzo. Those short wild curls fit perfectly with her bold, rebellious character. It only takes three simple steps to recreate starting with a haircut! We’re talking short, short! You’ll likely be able to blow dry your hair so it has some extra volume to work with. You can simply take a small curling wand to curl the edges of your hair in opposite directions. Now, if you’re really trying to emulate the whole old school vibe, sleep with sponge rollers! There are many options for this look, even deciding on a curling iron or curling wand might be something you’d like to look into, since there can be many differences between a curling iron and a curling wand. Now, you’re ready to grab your jacket and join your Pink Lady girl gang!

“Made” In Manhattan Up-do 

 'Made' In Manhattan 

Do you have a classic rags to riches romantic movie you love to watch? Well one of our favorites is Maid In Manhattan starring Jennifer Lopez. This movie melts our hearts, and leaves us lusting over her hairstyles. Her most iconic hairstyle in the film was when she showed up in her full Cinderella moment and left everyone’s head turning.  To emulate this look you will need these four essential tools: hairspray, pins, hair comb and a hair tie. Once you are ready, start brushing your hair into a ponytail then wrap sections of your hair between two fingers towards you then pin it down to secure in place. Continue this process until every section of your hair is in a pin curl. Add some hair spray and you’ll be ready to slay the night. This isn’t a five minute hairstyle, but it’s achievable!

“50 First Dates” Lucy’s Natural Waves

Natural Waves 

Ohhh, lucy! You might not remember us but we sure remember YOU with your beachy wavy hair. Spring is right around the corner and we couldn't help but think of Lucy’s effortless beach waves! It’s time to get this look on lock down! You can easily achieve natural beach waves with the NuMe Classic Curling Wand Pearl which is designed with an alternating barrel that is 25mm and 13mm from base to tip. This barrel structure will recreate Lucy’s effortless look. Go the extra step in turning full on Lucy but pinning two sections of your hair in the front to the back of your ears, now you’re truly in your Lucy form.


Romy & Michele’s Iconic 90s Hairstyle

Rooty Blonde

We can all agree the 90s are making a comeback. Let’s jump on the trend station with the most iconic 90’s valley girl duo, Romy & Michele. These girls gave us major hair and fashion inspo in this iconic film. From the half ponytail with curled ends to the classic short sleek straight hair. 


Let’s talk color! Their blonde hair with brown roots is a key 90’s trend. It’s been styled by many 90s favorite stars like Drew Barrymore,  Christina Applegate, Jennifer Aniston, etc. If you are wanting to rock this desired color then we suggest you go to a hair specialist. Don’t do this at home, let the professional handle your hair with care. 


Rose’s Red Ringlet Curls 

Rose's Red Ringlet Curls

Titanic made major waves on the big screen when it debuted in December of 1997. The leading lady in the iconic movie captured the audience with her fiery red locks. The moment you see her red hair you absolutely fell in love with it. She wears the mane throughout the movie in both up do’s and fully down. Those ringlet bouncy curls set powerful hair goals! Want to master these curls? A 19mm barrel will be essential to recreating these tight ringlet curls. 


Fun Note: There is actually a metaphor between her hair and personality. In the beginning she was very timid, guarded by anyone therefore her hair is up and covered with those beautiful old fashion hats.  Then you’ll slowly see the transition of her being free with the look of her hair. Remember the scene where she goes to the dance with Jack? Well, she’ll let her guard down as well as a half of her hair. This just leads to her completely letting herself go by the end of Titanic. Hence, her hair is completely down. 


We’ve reached the climax of this list! So keep a close eye on the latest movies to hit the big screen because you never know there might be a new hairstyle you fall in love with.

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