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Gratitude Is The Ultimate Gift That Keeps On Giving

noviembre 24, 2021 4 lectura mínima 1 Comentario

Gratitude Is The Ultimate Gift That Keeps On Giving

The holidays are the time of year where we are able to come together with friends and family and take a moment to reflect on the previous year. While we love that this time of year brings out people’s gratitude, it’s important to remember to carry that over to the rest of the year.

Appreciate the little things in life

Man giving wife flowers

One of the best parts about the holidays is the time spent with loved ones. While both giving and receiving presents is traditionally a big part of this time of year, it's important to focus on creating memories. Material things come and go, but the relationships we have play such an integral role in our lives, take a moment to appreciate them. Feel appreciation and express gratitude for all the small things that bring you joy throughout the day, every day.

Gratitude: It does the hair, body and mind good

Gratitude has the power to heal and to energize. It is a feeling that greatly contributes to happiness, and it’s definitely not something to reserve for a single day, week or month per year. We really must strive to experience gratitude year-round. 

So, how can you develop a habit of getting more gratitude in your life? Three simple ways to let gratitude flow more plentifully are to FEEL, SHARE, and GIVE gratitude. Remember that gratitude and appreciation can be experienced and expressed in every context in our lives. Make a conscious effort to notice the people and things around you that make you happy, this will help you extend that sense of gratitude into something you experience year-round.

Say 'Thank You'

Sometimes we forget to say thank you to the people closest to us, ourselves included. It's easy to assume people know how much we appreciate them, but we often go too long without saying it. Go the extra step and let them know. Tell your loved ones how thankful you are for them, we promise it will make their day!

Give Back

There are a lot of ways to give back to your loved ones, friends and community! Yes, you can give gifts, make monetary donations or donate items such as clothing, food, or toys, but you can also donate your time. If you have the ability to donate your time, look for local organizations that align with your values and see how you can get involved. You can also lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need or a stranger in need - it truly is the little things that mean so much.

Giving back looks different for everyone. It does not have to be limited to a charity or someone who is in need, you can also give to those around you as a way of showing them you care. We all know at least one person who puts everyone else’s needs before their own - give them something special to show your gratitude for their presence in your life. Again, this doesn’t have to be something elaborate, it can be as simple as picking up the bill next time you go out, or getting them a self care item. We have great  holiday specials so you can find something at any price point - give the gift of great hair to that special someone!

Treat Yourself... and Your Hair

Woman putting product in hair

On the topic of being thankful, don't forget to show your appreciation for yourself! Treating yourself doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a designer bag, it can be as simple as taking some time for yourself to do an activity you love or relax. Spending time alone to recharge and reconnect is very important, even if it’s only 10 minutes of finding inner silence. Whether that means meditating or doing your hair and makeup 'just because' or taking a bubble bath or working out - do something to show yourself some love!

You treat your skin to a face mask, so why not treat your hair to a hair mask? NuMe’s Vegan Tourmaline Hair Mask smooths, moisturizes, and nourishes the hair - making it a great addition to your self care routine! The formula contains high concentrations of tourmaline powder, parkii butter, and argan oil to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair, without weighing it down. Add moisture while fortifying the hair and increasing shine. Or take it one step further, and treat yourself to smooth hair with the  Tourmaline Hair Care Set, complete with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

Practicing self love is multifaceted, be sure to also treat yourself to kind words. We tend to be our own toughest critics, so make the effort to be kinder to yourself. Show yourself some love and speak to yourself the way you would speak to a loved one.

Invest in Quality

Holiday Flat Iron and Hair Care

This may seem like a pretty broad topic, which it is, but it’s universally applicable. If you are looking to improve your relationships, invest in quality time with one another. Not only is spending time with someone a great way to strengthen your bond, it’s also a great way to destress.

In a world of mass-consumption, it’s easy to feel pressure to buy the newest things. There’s a reason the $10 shirt you just got has a hole in it after a month while your mom’s sweater from the 90’s is still in perfect condition. The same is true for your hot tools. That $30 curling wand from Target mayseem like a good deal now, it won’t be long before the coating starts chipping and you’ll be replacing it. Not to mention, it will not be able to give you the results you’re looking for and the potential damage it can cause to your hair will likely outlive the iron itself. Trends come and go, but it’s important to invest in things that are quality. NuMe makes professional-quality straighteners, curling wands, and dryers that are designed to last. Investing in quality hot tools that stand the test of time are not only better for both your hair and wallet, they are better for the environment and impact sustainability. 


We are so grateful for you, thank you for being part of our NuMe family, and thank you for supporting us!Let us express our sincere gratitude by giving you up to 45% sitewide.

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noviembre 25, 2021

love the FEEL, SHARE, and GIVE gratitude part. so true. I love all my NuMe products, thank you

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