Noa Kirel Triple Threat 3-in-1 Curling Wand

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Rose Gold

Key Features

100% Tourmaline Ceramic Barrels are made from 100% Tourmaline Ceramic that help maintain hair’s moisture balance so that hair stays healthy and shiny!

This organic mineral naturally produces negative ions that protect the hair from heat damage and static electricity. Tourmaline Ceramic is considered THE best ion generator and infrared conductor in the world!

Infrared Heat Technology sends gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle, protecting strands over time. This advanced technology protects the ends of your hair and reduces long-term damage to the outside of the hair fiber, helping hair retain its natural oils and minerals. As a result, shine and glow are obtained, and hair appears healthier.

Negative Ion Conditioning Technology releases negative ions to counteract the positive charged ions that cause frizz and flyaways. It helps maintain moisture and boost shine by sealing the hair cuticle.

Interchangeable Barrels - This set is like having three wands in one! Easily switch your style from beach waves to glam Hollywood curls to tight ringlets with one versatile styling tool.

Create all of Noa’s Pop-Star curled looks and add texture and volume to your hair with one styling tool!

MCH Ceramic Heater-The Triple Threat features the most advanced Ceramic Heater, which heats up in 20 seconds or less, and evenly distributes heat to the 100% tourmaline ceramic wand. The Triple Threat gently seals the hair cuticle and naturally releases negative ions, giving your hair smooth, static-free results. The consistent temperature allows for faster styling and results that last longer!

How to

Comb out hair prior to styling using the Styling Comb

Use the NuMe Sectioning Comb and hair clips to section dense and voluminous hair prior to styling for an easier styling experience.

Style in small sections for a more precise curl and larger sections for a more loose curl.

Wrap the section of hair around the barrel, starting at the base. Hold the section on the barrel briefly (3-7 seconds) then release the hair, letting the curl slide out from around the barrel.

Do not pull the curling wand down.Alternate the direction you wrap the hair to create an effortless tousled or undone look.

Use NuMe’s Curl Comb to comb out styled curls and ringlets for a more natural look.

To create a mega volume look use the tight 13mm end of the reverse cone barrel and backcomb curls at the base of the head using the NuMe sectioning comb to add volume and lift.

Use the 32mm cone curling away from the face and brush out with the NuMe Paddle Brush or Curl Comb to achieve a windblown beachy look.

Technical Specifications


Power Option: US

110/220 V 50/60 Hz 45-70 W
World wide voltage from 110-220 V. Works internationally with a standard plug adaptor.

Barrel Diameter

13-25mm (½” - 1” ) Reverse barrel for tight ringlets to defined “mermaid” curls

25mm (1”) - Standard Glam Curl

32mm (1.25”) - Loose Beach Waves

Cord Length

7ft, 6in


1lb (16oz)