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God is a Woman, and She Wears Ponytails

marzo 19, 2019 3 lectura mínima

God is a Woman, and She Wears Ponytails

While there are tons of ways to create fun ponytails, these are four staples that don't require any advanced hair styling skills. The essentials are hairspray, elastics and bobby pins. Heat styling tools depend on the look you're going for, but a heat styling tool could be in order but not always necessary, depending on the natural texture and cleanliness status of your hair when it's time to go up.


Tight High Pony


Should we thank Ariana Grande for making the ultra high pony so popular in recent years? Her staple (turned iconic) look, consists of a sleek, top-knot positioned pony, courtesy of extensions, that has become a hair inspo for women around the world. And in her most recent single "7 Rings" she actually sings, "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it." So you can definitely thank her for permission to proudly rock a ponytail and faux hair.

If you are going to use Ariana as your pony inspo on your real hair, definitely prep with the NuMe Watch Me Werk - Thermal Heat Protectant and then get the hair ultra sleek with the NuMe Megastar X Hair Straightener. Some say the tight, high pony also serves as an instant facelift.


Textured High Pony


Usually smooth on the head and funky in the actual pony, we're seeing the textured high ponytail everywhere these days. Busy Philipps probably needs to get some street cred for this one (she sports one on her E! show Busy Tonight quite a bit), and Gigi Hadid makes the textured high pony look pretty effortless too.

YouTuber and beauty influencer AmberScholl released a tutorial on how to recreate the high textured ponytails inspired by Rihanna with our Classic Curling Wand with a 25 mm barrel. Scholl uses extensions for her pony in the video, but you definitely don't have to own a faux pony to achieve the look for yourself. In order for it to stay put, hair that's maybe a little on the dirty side works well for this hairdo's vibe (mask any oil with our Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo), you can also use an elastic hair tie to make this style last longer and stay secure. Use hairspray like the NuMe Freeze Please to set and lock the style in place and add shine.


Messy Low Pony


Of course, even though the high pony gets a lot more press, the low ponytail shouldn't be neglected. Taylor Swift just owned a tousled one at the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards. The weekend-ready messy low pony seems to be an especially great combo with bangs—we also love it on actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

For little to no effort (or heat, if you don't want it), you can create a messy low ponytail with a bump. You'll just need a teasing comb, a hair elastic and some setting spray like our NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Hairspray. Beauty tutorial guru Still GlamorUs has a great, simple how-to video for how to style this look with fine, relatively short hair.


Elegant Low Pony


Pretty, simple and clean, the sleek low ponytail makes you look instantly put together. To get a vision of the ideal smooth lo-po, picture Kendall Jenner, who always makes a low pony look classy. We are digging it on singer and actress Jennifer Hudson lately too.

Prep hair with some NuMe Argan Oil and prior to straightening to eliminate frizz and use a bobby pin underneath the pony to wrap and secure a section of hair to cover the elastic. Then top it all off with the NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Hairspray to add shine and hold.


We hope a classic ponytail never goes out of style. To pony up on more hair care secrets, styles and how-to guides, subscribe to our NuMe newsletter, share your thoughts with us on IG
@NuMeHair, and check out our YouTube channel.


Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here & here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome


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