The NuMe Hair Care Line: Finding the Perfect Solution for Your Hair | Best Haircare 2019

March 13, 2019 3 min read

The NuMe Hair Care Line: Finding the Perfect Solution for Your Hair | Best Haircare 2019

Rise, Shine and Prime


Regardless of the specifics of your hair drama, everyone should start with our Rise And Prime - Hair Primer. It's designed to lock in styles for any and every hair type. Apply to wet or damp hair prior to any type of heat styling. Check out our blog post all about our primer, here!


The Problem: Dull & Frizzy Hair


The Fix: Look at your hair as an extension of your skin. Just like a weekly clay mask or monthly facial works wonders for keeping your skin fresh and supple, the same goes for hair masks on your mane. The NuMe Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask intensely conditions and seriously amplifies shine. The results are instantaneous so use it before a special occasion, or the recommended two to three times a week for continual luster and hydration.

Another way to combat frizz? The combo of white truffle, vitamin E and Argan oil in the NuMe White Truffle Serum transforms hair from brittle to bangin.' Apply just a few drops to the ends of damp or dry hair to eliminate frizz and enhance the shine factor.

Finally, achieve the opposite of dullness when you polish off any look with our Hottie Alert Shine Spray. It's like a seal of smoothness over your strands. It also serves to set styles without that harsh '80s prom hair spray texture.


The Problem: Lifeless & Flat Hair


The Fix: Considering that you can only flip your head over and tousle your hair so many times to add volume without looking like a lunatic, there have got to be easier ways to boost plastered-to-the-head hair. Not only does our Hi! And Dry - Blow Dry Cream add volume to your locks, it also hangs on to the moisture that often gets zapped through blow-drying and other heat styling. Apply it, blow and go.

To maximize a blowout's potential, you gotta start at the roots. Enter the NuMe Root Werk - Root Lifter. Working only with wet or damp here, spray it two to four inches away from the roots under layers of hair. This is a secret weapon when it comes to achieving salon-quality blowouts at home.

If you're looking to revive dull, flat hair without having to submerge it in water every day (AKA "shower on the reg"), dry shampoo is a hair hazards catch-all. It mops up grease between washes, and it can add volume to a two (or three) day-old blowout. We love our Fresh N' Fab - Dry Shampoo Aerosol for its grease-defying, height boosting powers.


The Problem: Damaged & Processed Hair


The Fix: A number of factors can cause hair damage, from the sun to the salon. Hair that's been repeatedly dyed or fried is at risk. If you're experiencing breakage or aggressively split ends, definitely nab some of our Not Your Basic End Sealer. It amps up ends protection and works to heal breakage. Only a few pumps rubbed between the palms and applied to ends is necessary—a little goes a long way with this magic.

It's also clutch for you to start using a heat protective agent any time you style. Our Watch Me Werk - Thermal Heat Protectant smells fantastic and also doubles as a product you can spritz to tame flyaways. Use it on wet or dry hair, but if you use it on damp hair prior to blow drying, you don't have to use it again on the dry hair you plan to straighten or curl.

If your hair has been processed a bunch, it's best to try and avoid washing and styling it every day. So the NuMe This Dry Shampoo is Everything - Dry Shampoo Powder is a killer shortcut to maintain styles between washes. It's got all nature-sourced ingredients like rice starch, pomegranate, rosemary and algae to help block excess oil without putting any more harsh chemicals into already damaged hair. Gently tip the powder into roots and carefully rub it in for best results.


We hope this is a helpful guide if you're feeling overwhelmed with what products you need to buy and when. All of our products are eco-friendly and created with high quality, naturally derived ingredients. Learn more about hair styling and product recommendations on our Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, @NuMeHair. And check out our full line of amazing hair care products, here.


Looking for hair inspo? Check it out here & here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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