It’s Your Lucky Day: Strike that Pot O’ Gold with these Charming Hairstyles | Best Hair Straightener 2019

March 06, 2019 3 min read

It’s Your Lucky Day: Strike that Pot O’ Gold with these Charming Hairstyles | Best Hair Straightener 2019

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, folks will start dusting off their "Kiss Me" t-shirts, their four-leaf clover ties, green accessories meant to protect them from the pinches of strangers and, of course, their tolerance for ale. With parades and parties and barstool gatherings happening all across the country in honor of our favorite vert holiday, you will no doubt have a planned or spontaneous festivity of your own to attend. The question is what style are you going to sport under that leprechaun-inspired top hat? Lucky for you, we've got some great suggestions that'll charm the short green pants right off your fellow revelers. And because we feel so lucky to have you as a client, we're passing the luck on through our St. Patrick's Sale. Get 35% off our Mint Collection plus two gifts with your purchase. Sale ends on March 19th! Now, don't you feel like you just struck gold?


Luck of the Irish


Nothing says "luck of the Irish" like a fierce head of red locks. Whether it's a warm orange-red or a red with blue undertones, there are so many sultry hues to be had and adored. No matter if you've been red since birth or just since yesterday, it's important to keep those stunning strands well take care of so that your vibrant color really shines through. Try the NuMe White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner, formulated with top-quality ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your hair, providing a healthy base for color, styling and everything in between.


Green with Envy


In the spirit of all things green, give the people something to envy with a short, carefree cut. Go for soft layering if you want a look that's a lil' dreamy or sharp angles if you prefer to make a strong statement. Either way, your cut won't be able to go unnoticed. Keep that cut in (im)perfect order with our Technique Slim Straightener. Made with 7/8-inch ceramic plates, you can achieve a smooth finish with one pass. The best part? It comes in a perfect mint green version. How can you pass that up?


Pot O' Gold


There's more than one way to strike gold this St. Patrick's Day. In fact, why not just embody it? Beautiful golden hues complement a variety of skin tones and can really amplify the texture of curly hair. With rich color like this, you can let it do the talking and keep the styling to a minimum. After shampooing, smooth NuMe's Hi! And Dry - Blow Dry Cream on to your strands. Designed to eliminate frizz while adding volume and shine, this cream is the perfect prep for your style. On wet hair that is naturally curly, use NuMe's Bold Hair Dryer to scrunch your curls using a combination of a diffuser and cool to warm air. The diffuser will preserve the shape of your curls and minimize frizz while our safe-for-all-hair types dryer will give you healthy and bouncy results in less time. Once your hair is dry, simply pick at the roots to add volume. Gold star for you!


Lucky Charm


Who needs a four-leaf clover when a headful of bouncy, soft curls is sure to make you feel both lucky and charming? And, let's be real, anyone fortunate enough to capture your attention will feel that way, too. After drying, get your curl on with our Magic Curling Wand (because what's a leprechaun holiday if not a little magical). Then complete the look with Freeze Please - Finishing Hairspray. It will set your style with lightweight hold and add noticeable shine without the dreaded stickiness.


End of the Rainbow


There's always something special at the end of a rainbow—even if it's you with a head of loose waves. Achieve this relaxed look with the Technique Curling Wand in a fresh mint green. This colorful wand, made with 100% tourmaline ceramic, comes in 25mm and 32mm barrels to give you everything from effortless glam curls to loose beach waves. Throw in a side part and some over-the-eye mystery, and you'll be quite the treasure indeed.

So there you have it, super cute and easy hairstyles that you can do for St. Patrick's Day! Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeHair or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


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Author: Kristin Tucker


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