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A quién seguir | Las cuentas más inspiradoras de Instagram sobre el cabello

marzo 19, 2020 4 lectura mínima

Who To Follow | The Best Instagram Hair Inspo Pages

With so many social media platforms to look at, Instagram is one of the best social platforms to get your daily hair, beauty, and style inspo. We’ve searched for the  best Instagram hair inspo pages that keep up with the latest hair trends and styles. Whether you are finding your next hair color, style, or cut, these accounts can direct you to your next hair transformation. 


Your hair is one of the best things to change up and elevate if you’re planning to change your look dramatically! If you’ve been craving for some major hair goals content, check these accounts that have the best hair tutorials, tips, and inspiration.



Need a little guidance in trying to keep up with the newest hair trend?@ManeAddicts has got you covered in that department! The Maneaddicts IG page focuses on predicting the latest hair trends and, in their words, “spread mane magic.” You’ll be able to see before and after hair transformations,celebrity hairstyles, and mini hair tutorials. It’s the kind of account you will need to follow for professional-grade guidance, whether you are a glam goddess, retro rocker, or simple gal. Overall the perfect hair page for anyone who wants to know what the future holds for your hair.




We can’t get enough of@Okevaaa! She can help you take your daily hairstyles to new heights. From the artistry of braiding, wavy curls, updos, and cute hair accessories, this gal gives us hair inspiration for days to come. Although it can take a little practice and elbow grease to recreate some of her more intricate styles, Okevaaa’s hair tutorials on Youtube will come in handy in helping you achieve these looks. In her videos, she’ll teach you how to redefine your hairstyle with artistry skills. Once you learn these tips and tricks, you’ll be giving out hair goals vibes!



Are you looking to recreate iconic 1950s hairstyles? If so, get ready and follow this retro-inspired gal,@PinupGirlAshleyMarie. Those sexy and neat hairstyles she recreates flawlessly embraces the vintage Hollywood culture. Her staple styles include pin curls, victory rolls, bangs, and so much more! She has step-by-step hair tutorials that can help you recreate these perfect hair rolls or updos with a modern touch. A top favorite is her recreation of Christina’s iconic character, curly hair from the movie Burlesque.Click here to watch it! 



We can’t continue this list without adding one of our fav beauty guru and hairstylist,@KayleyMelissa! @ManeAddicts, the top digital hair community and destination for hairstylists, had this to say about Kayley “She’s a master at discovering new ways to braid and even gives some lighthearted tutorials on how to style your hair” and we totally agree! Her impressive roster of hairstyles gives us hair envy in the best way possible, no wonder she has gained a following on Youtube of over 1 million subscribers! By following her, you’ll be able to find the most creative and straightforward hair looks for any occasion. 



We simply cannot talk about the top hair visionaries without mentioning hair guru@JenAtkinHair! She knows the fundamental essentials to style your mane like the celebrities we love. On her IG, she’ll show you an inside look into celebrity’s hairstyles like her most famous of clients, the Kardashian/Jenner clan. The best part of her Instagram is she gives us personality. You’re able to follow her through her life as a celebrity hairstylist, entrepreneur, wifey, and overall the ultimate lady boss! She’s definitely the perfect person to follow if you want some major life, beauty, and career inspos. She’s the ultimate living proof that you can be stylish, fabulous, and inspirational all at once. 




Bride to be or just plain fancy? We’ve got the perfect IG page for you!@Ulyana.Aster is an Australian designer with a serious eye for bridal couture. From hair pieces, hairstyles, and even bridal gowns, she creates some seriously breathtaking art. Her Instagram is the perfect wedding mood board that you probably won't want to share with anyone. Trust us, you'll have easy access to many perfect hairdos for your wedding day or even any special occasions. Good luck, it's almost impossible to choose from her hundreds of amazing styles! 



What else are you waiting for? Click that follow button so you’ll never get tired of scrolling through your feed. Now’s the perfect opportunity to have access to the latest hair trends, inspiration, and tutorials all on one platform. So congrats on bringing your hair game to the next level, happy scrolling!

Don’t just stop with these seven insta-worthy hair accounts; make sure to keep up with the latest hair tips, tricks, and trends by following us too! Click that follow button on our Instagram, @NuMeHair. Sign up for our exclusive promotions, products, and events with our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program! Check out more of our blogs here!


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