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NuMe Recap: Kiss of a Siren Film | 2014 IFFA Best Picture Award

March 13, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
NuMe Recap: Kiss of a Siren Film | 2014 IFFA Best Picture Award

We know the last time you watched a movie featuring a mermaid, you were most likely in elementary school and anxiously biting the straw of your CapriSun while waiting to see if Ursula would finally capture the Little Mermaid.


However, this week, we wanted to bring the attention back to the captivating film, Kiss of a Siren. This short film, directed by Miguel Gauthier and Viktorija Pashuta, was featured during the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival back in 2014 and won awards for Best Costume Design and Best Film. This film beat out competing, high-profile brands such as Gucci, Fendi, and Prada. NuMe was also nominated for a total of 8 categories, including Best Hair and Best Makeup.


So, what is this film about?

It's a beautifully told story of the forbidden love between a siren and a common man. They meet while he is out rowing and she emerges out of the water like the euphoric creature she is. They have an instant connection and she pulls him underwater to divulge what her life is really like as a siren. He then carries her home so he can show her what life is like on land. He even handmakes a pair of prosthetic legs to give her the ability to walk. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen (because is it even a love story if it doesn't have an obstacle or two?) has been on the hunt for the blood of a siren, since it is said that the gold blood they obtain is the key to eternal beauty and youth. During a soireé that the siren and her lover are attending, the truth is revealed that she is not like the rest. She leaves in an instant so not to be caught, with her lover chasing after her. The film fades to black when she has to make a choice whether to jump off a cliff back into the waters she calls home, or risk her life by choosing love.


Watch Kiss of a Siren here:


This multi-award winning fashion film truly embodied the NuMe vision of glam and fantasy which allowed the project to stand out from the rest! Check out Kiss of a Siren, and share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeStyle. Sign up for our newsletter as well at for hair tips and exclusive offers.

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