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New Year, NuMe: The Ultimate Gift Guide - Target Edition

diciembre 20, 2018 3 lectura mínima

New Year, NuMe: The Ultimate Gift Guide - Target Edition

With the holidays right around the corner, we've curated the perfect holiday gift guide for every woman in your life. Look no further, we've got all the gifts to help bring your loved ones into the new year as their best self. Want to treat yourself to one of these giftsets, too? Go ahead, it'll be our little secret.


For the Cozy Homebody


This gift set is perfect for the one in your life who prefers curling up on the couch instead of getting down on the dance floor. The Gilligan & O'Malley Nightgown ($19.99) is the one we recommend. What's a night of Netflix without a comfy throw? Don't worry; we didn't forget. We think the Printed Plush Sherpa Throw Blanket ($16.99) is the way to go. Get them a Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Set ($7.99) to top it off. Turn on some Friends, and we're ready to call it a night.


For the Curly Queen


You know that one friend who has a beautiful head of waves but always complains about taming them down? Give them the solution they've been trying to find: the NuMe Precious Metals Hair Straightener ($139.99) will control all those unruly hairs even on the worse days.


For the Face Mask Guru


This set is perfect for the friend that's always on the hunt for the perfect face mask. So, why not buy them all? Target Beauty has a Holiday Sheet Mask Facial Treatment Set ($10.00) that comes with 6 masks for hydrating, detoxing, restoring, and everything in between.


For the Blowout Lover


This set is made for the woman who wouldn't be caught dead falling asleep with wet hair. She knows the value of a good blowout, so be a good friend and bring that salon quality 'do to her. We suggest the Nume Signature Hair Dryer ($101.99) along with along with a round brush to give that perfect blowout the volume it deserves. These two make a match made in heaven.


For the One Who Loves to Glow


We've scoured the top list of highlighters on the market and these were the ones who made the cut: 1.) Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Face Powder in Precious Petals ($4.99). 2.) L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator ($11.99). 3.) Maybelline Facestudio Master Holographic Prismatic Highlighter ($5.59). 4.) L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops  ($9.99). 5.) NYX Professional Makeup Love You So Mochi Highlighter Palette ($18.99). Get them one, or get them all; there's no such thing as too much highlighter.


For the One On the Go


Is there someone in your life who always seems to be on a plane? We've created the perfect gift set for them. For hairstyles on the go, take the NuMeJet Setter Set to achieve any hairstyle, anytime. The Rockland Melbourne 20" Expandable Carry On Suitcase ($56.99) is the perfect chic touch to their go-to airplane fit. We think the Travel Smart Memory Foam Neck Rest Pillow ($29.99) will also give them a first class feel even if they're flying coach. Lastly, treat them to the Solid Faux Fur Eyemask by Gilligan & O'Malley ($4.00). This will come in handy when they're seated next to that one person who prefers to keep the shade open...the...whole...flight.


For the One Who's Always Experimenting


They're the one friend who's the first to try an oat milk latte. Or the one to try that new hot yoga place down the road. They're always wanting to experiment with new things, and we think the Nume Octowand Curling Wand Set ($119.99) is the perfect gift for them. This wand comes with 8 different barrels to try every possible look under the sun.


There you have it, the perfect gift set ideas for every woman on your Christmas list! Share your photos with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers. Looking for hair inspos? Check it out here!



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