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Inside LAFW Spring 2018 With NuMe

junio 21, 2018 5 lectura mínima

Inside LAFW Spring 2018 With NuMe

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW


LA Fashion Week Focuses on Textures, Emotions and Artistic Prowess

After the gorgeously glad apparel and hair at New York Fashion Week, we’ve all anticipated the moment that Los Angeles Fashion Week would launch and bring the competition. From coast to coast, starting with NYFW in September, rebel fashion gurus and aspiring designers attended LAFW to feast their eyes on the spring 2018 fashions. Previous celebrity attendance included Amy Schumer, Lauren Conrad, the Hilton sisters and Rosario Dawson. Los Angeles Fashion Week calls on the best of the best in LA to showcase their finest fashions which include a design roster of Ashton Michael, Wale, Sav Noir, Reese and Rinda Salmun.

This show is the youngest of the famed fashion week circuits and offers the freshest of the flock a chance to debut inspired looks that go against the grain. Ashton Michael showcased the past four seasons at Los Angeles Fashion Week and collects a pretty celebrity set such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Usher, Ellie Goulding and AFI’s Davey Havok. What you’ll see in LA is pure innovation and unfiltered artistry. Hairstylists at LAFW had a blank canvas and room to play with these looks that sprang toward rebel style with professional techniques and a lot of spunk.

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW


The name says it all and we agree. We want these looks to marry our closets because who doesn’t love a good tease. Oh, behave. This collection draws a fine line, running in all directions, between culture, couture and creativity. With inspiration stemming from every decade following the 1960s, hairstylists brought life and volume to outlandish mashups of textures and fabrics emphasized further by the big hair.

Each look started with a seemingly common hairstyle like the ponytail, bun and classic updo, and took it up a few notches into a chaotic but perfectly set style. Each hair served a particular purpose in molding the final look. To create your own MaryMe-JimmyPaul style, tease every bit of your hair from the bottom up and pin away. Remember to be gentle with your tresses when teasing to avoid hair damage over time. A root lifter such as NuMe Root Werk or NuMe Fresh N’ Fab Dry Shampoo Aerosol can improve the set of your base look before styling.

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW

ASV by Asava

Taiwanese designers are trailblazers at LAFW, and ASV by Asava is one brand that we support 100 percent since their philosophy that speaks volumes. Each piece displayed at Los Angeles Fashion Week was one that promoted the mind, body and spiritual stimulation of women and girls everywhere. These looks from the hairstyles down to each layer of fabric brought a certain feminine power to the stage.

Every look is meant to inspire women to go about their lives confidently and to bring out their true personalities through fashion and individual beauty. The primary ‘dos focused on tamed roots that lay flat, acting as a crown only to let straight, wavy and natural hair shine through. Free flowing locks portray freedom in fashion and the unique qualities of every model on the LA runway. Hats off to Polpat Asavaprapah for achieving this fashion feat.

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW

Lela Eloshi

If you were looking for the most diverse hairstyles on the runway at LAFW, Lela Eloshi had her hairstylists choose the most custom looks for their models. The show was about featuring textures and the singular beauty of each piece, which was also translated to the hairstyles. We saw everything from tight ponytails, wrapped with an accenting lock of hair acting as a fashion accessory down to natural, beautiful curls.

Debuting her collection, Lela Eloshi did an excellent job of showing off her ability to rein it in with simple, yet focused hairstyles to wild and free tresses. NuMe White Truffle Serum is perfect for taming frizz and supporting natural hair, while NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray can get these slicked back ponytail styles without issue.

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW


Wet looks were in at this Bishme Cromartie appearance that only complimented each glittering garment. According to Vogue, Bishme’s inspiration comes from the best source ever--the butterfly, which is the symbol of metamorphosis. With this collection, we see the transformation of the 50s housewife to confident bombshell. Hairstyles paired with these revealing pieces allowed the focus to remain on the sheer and sparkling fabrics showcasing the female body but also reminding us of rebirth.

This slicked back look, made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians, works by lifting the roots of the hair in the front section as the sides are swept back and gelled flat. Using a root lifter to add body to this look, gel or pomade to smooth down the sides and a shine spray like NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Spray to give that glistening finish, you can pull this off as soon as spring, well, springs. This designer was named as one of the top fresh faces to watch out for in the coming years. In fact, you may see Beyonce wearing a special piece from this runway collection soon.

Photo Credit: Social Media Team at LAFW

ISSUE Thailand

We have no issue with the fashion and hairstyles displayed by this brand. We’ve seen both sides of the spectrum with subdued pastels and sheer fabrics, to bright, loud prints but this collection by ISSUE Thailand is a breath of dewy air for the coming spring and summer 2018 seasons with prints that show us the Buddhist and natural influence of each look. While most of the fashion week hairstyles can be a little too bold for some, ISSUE Thailand’s hairstylist made these styles wearable and fun for every girl who loves fashion.

Each braided look was fun and adaptable for any season. Can’t you just see the copper wiring running through them and velvet ribbon hanging from the ends of each knotted braid for fall? The hairstyle connected with the outfit in a way that felt authentic and natural, without going over the top. We saw half-up-half-down and straight styles that were reminiscent of island vacations and weekday adventures. What’s great about these styles is that you can dress them down by letting them fall into beachy waves in a flash, and don’t forget to use your NuMe Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant to guard your tresses from the sun and styling tools.

Be as bold and unique as you want to be with these fashion week looks as your inspiration. And check out for hair tips and style tricks.

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