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Curling Iron vs. Curling Wand: What's the Difference

diciembre 02, 2019 3 lectura mínima

Curling Iron vs. Curling Wand: What's the Difference

Curling Iron

Curling Iron

Let’s take it back to the curler who gave us our go-to hairstyle during our tween and teen days. Yes, we’re sure that most of you gals can remember those tight coil curls every 15-year-old loved back then. But don’t worry, there are ways to update and upgrade the style that made occasionally makes us cringe in whenever we see old photos of ourselves. Those dramatic curls were achieved with curling irons with clamps. This type of curler can give your hair a more structured look due to its clamp’s ability to tightly wrap and secure the section around the barrel. This curler is often used by people that need to curl their hair to get a specific look precisely. These users include those that are into the pinup style, and events hairdressers, and cosplayers.


Curling Wand

NuMe Curling Wands

If you want a more relaxed curl, the curling wand is your best option. They are newer to the hair market, but a lot of hairstyling professionals and amateur have upgraded to this tool, and we don’t blame them. It can take a little practice to get used to this tool, but we swear it’s worth it! Not only is it faster and easier to use, but it also gives the hair a more effortless and less stiff look since not a lot of people are into super dramatic and done-up hairdos nowadays.  NuMe has an array of single-barrel wands, like our Classic Curling Wand, but we also offer interchangeable sets such as the Octowand; it has eight interchangeable barrels, which means that you can never run out of curly style ideas ever! One of the reasons why some are hesitant to use wands is that they’re afraid that they might accidentally burn their fingers while curling. We definitely considered this possibility, which is why all our wands come with a styling glove! Now that we got that covered (literally), you have no excuse to be intimidated by curling wands.


What are the big differences?

Since curling ions have clamps, their designs are limited to straight and regular shapes, restricting the users to getting only one type of curl per tool. Since curling wands have no clamps, it can be made with any irregular shapes and sizes, allowing the user to achieve unique curls with more dimension and character. Also, since the wand’s design has no other parts and mechanisms aside from the barrel and base, it gives the hair a more seamless curl. Yes, you can use the curling iron like a wand by wrapping your hair over of the clamp, but this method can give the hair unwanted creases from the ridges on the tool. If you’re hesitant to upgrade to a curling wand because you’re into more tight and structured ringlets, do not fret! You can still get the same effects that you’re used to from traditional curling irons by using a few tricks such as using a thinner wand, curling smaller sections, or wrapping the section tighter or longer around the barrel.


Everyone loves a curly glam style once in a while, so it’s important to have great tools that can help you achieve your dream hair whenever you feel like it! Now that you have a better understanding of the differences between curling irons and curling wands,  nothing is stopping you from flawless cascading curls. To finish off your newfound love for your curly hair, don’t forget to add ourWhite Truffle Serum to revitalize your hair with shine and nourishment. No one wants dull hair either. Quick note: always use a spray to protect your hair from heat damage.

Curious to know the difference between straightener and flat iron? Click here! For more hair tips and tricks, follow us at @NuMeHair on Instagram. Don’t forget to sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points for exclusive NuMe promotions, products, and events! Are you looking for more hair inspo? Check out more of our blogs here!

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