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The Megastar X: The Revolutionary Straightener To Get the Salon Look At Home

noviembre 16, 2018 3 lectura mínima 1 Comentario

The Megastar X: The Revolutionary Straightener To Get the Salon Look At Home


Don't let the name fool you: flat irons aren't just for creating straight-line styles. While they are obviously great for that, they are capable of so much more. NuMe's Megastar X, in particular, will take your styling capabilities to all new mega heights. You'll be able to create salon-level looks at home that will have you seriously asking why you ever needed a stylist (and leave your stylist wondering why you've ghosted her). Check out just a few of the amazing possibilities below:


Big and Bouncy


With larger floating plates designed to cover even more hair, those with thicker locks will appreciate not having to spend all day flat ironing their hair (and building up their biceps in the process). At 1.75 inches, the Megastar X will give you more bounce to the ounce, allowing you to create full, fluffy styles like this. The key is to straighten the length of the hair, adding a bend or curl just before the ends. A deep side part will add to the voluminous look. Warning: you will want to make plans beforehand because you will not be able to stay in the house looking this good.


Soft and Sultry


Hot curlers and uncomfortable rollers are officially retired! You can get the same oh-la-la looks with one tool. Big, sexy curls are a must with the Megastar X. It's larger plate is helpful for those with longer hair looking for a full head of curls and is perfect for creating a dreamy look that isn't too loose or too tight but oh so right. Separate hair into sections and starting at the root, twist hair 360 degrees around the flatiron and slowly pull the rest of the hair through. Once finished, separate curls with your fingers and voilà. With a look this luscious, you might cause others to have whiplash.


Fun and Feathery


Maybe curls aren't your thing, but you do want to bring a little something something to your style. May we suggest a feathered look to give your hair just enough texture to make it stand out. Using the digital display, set the Megastar X to the temperature that's ideal for your hair type then working from the base of the head to the top, separate hair into sections and flat iron down and out. That's it! In no time and with minimal effort, you will have a fantastically throwback look that you will come back to again and again.


Wild and Wavy


Wave 'em like you just don't care! The cool, carefree look of waves is irresistible... and totally achievable with the Megastar X. There are a ton of ways to create waves depending on the length of your hair and how tight or loose you want the wave to be. With this particular style, the trick is to keep the wave simple and loose. The definition is mostly relegated to the ends, while the rest of the hair has soft body. This creates a fun, devil-may-care look that will have you looking ready for all sorts of naughty and nice.


Sleek and Straight


And of course, if the tried and true, straight-as-an-arrow look is your thing, that's a no-brainer for the Megastar X. Whether you want to go with a center part, side part or no part at all, this Ion Booster-equipped flat iron will do its part by giving you the flowy, bone-straight locks you crave, all while keeping your hair smooth and silky. Safe for all textures, the Megastar will take your natural waves and curls and set them straight, giving you a style you won't be able to stop running your fingers through.


With the revolutionary Megastar X, you now have the opportunity to get any hairstyle of your dreams and turn heads while you're at it! Give the Megastar X a try, and let us know what you think. Better yet, show us! Share your photos with us on IG @NuMeHair or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


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Author: Kristin Tucker



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