10 Under 10: Top 10 Hairstyles To Achieve in 10 Minutes or Less

November 12, 2018 4 min read

10 Under 10: Top 10 Hairstyles To Achieve in 10 Minutes or Less

Time is one thing there never seems to be enough of, and as a result, some to-dos get nixed in favor of others. But looking good isn't something that has to be skimped on. No matter the occasion, it's possible to get your hairstyle on point in 10 minutes or less. Below are 10 fast and easy hairstyles you can accomplish super quickly, leaving you more time for other important things—like snoozing or scrolling through IG.


A Pony That Pops


The holy grail of quick and easy hairstyles will always belong to the ponytail. It can give the most slept-on, sweated-out, party-pooped tresses a newfound purpose. And on days when you can't seem to get your follicles to fall in line, use that cray to your advantage by going for a textured ponytail. Finger comb your locks and secure them with an elastic band. You can even lift some pieces at the top to give the style more dimension. To create more texture, opt for NuMe's Classic Curling Wand Pearl to add some untamed perfection to that pony.


Bun-dle of Curls


Girls with curls know the drill: some days your curls are poppin', and some days they're just floppin'. If you're suffering from the latter, NBD. Swoop them up into a pile on your head and secure them with a hair tie and bobby pins. Create faux bangs by taking loose front hair, pulling it slightly back and pinning it. If curls don't come naturally to you, NuMe's Classic Curling Wand will do the trick. Just pop a few ringlets in and tousle; the less precise the better.


Half Up with a Twist (or two)


The half up-half down look is a simple mainstay going back to the days of hopscotch and duck duck goose.  But how to sport this 10 minute hairstyle without looking #basic? The key is to first create a few subtle waves using our Scarlett Curling Wand. Then take generous sections of hair on both sides of your head, twist them (or braid them, if you prefer) about halfway down before securing both sides together with a hair band. Take a bit of hair from the loose end of the ponytail and wrap it around the band to complete the style.


Go 'Fro It


Big hair don't care... until it gets frizzy. Then it cares a lot. The key to rocking the curly fro is to keep frizz at bay as much as possible. Before styling, prep hair with some Gloss Boss Serum that will not only keep the flyaways in check but add some irresistible shine. Pick hair from the roots for volume, add an accessory like a flower or a scarf then stand in front of the mirror and peep the fro-tastic phenom staring back at you.


Not Your Average Bob


Bobs can be tricky when it comes to changing them up, but by taking a few pieces of hair and giving them a slight bend and flip, your bob can instantly take on an all new personality. Using NuMe's Technique Slim Hair Straightener, the slimmer plates will allow you to focus on smaller portions of hair. For hold, set the look with Freeze Please Finishing Spray, and in under 10, you'll have a look that's a total 10.


A Side of Messy Braid


A braid that looks effortless and a little messy can be chicer than chic, especially if you throw it to the side. The best part: you can start with hair as is—no need to prep. To soften the look, pull out some face-framing pieces and give them a slight curl. The Scarlett Curling Wand is ideal for creating loose, wavy tendrils (or a tighter curl if that's your jam).


A Proper Bun


Whether you're fresh out the shower or a bedhead victim, a prim and proper bun is only minutes away. The key to this style is sleekness, which is guaranteed by the aptly named Sleeky In A Bottle Serum. Just smooth it on your hair prior to styling and future flyaways and frizz will be turned away at the gate while you strut around like a prima ballerina.


Princess Twist


Take your hair from dud to darling in no time flat with an easy little twist. Simply take a section of hair near the temple, twist it and pin it back, hiding it beneath the loose hair. Repeat on the other side to make it doubly delightful. If you want to bring some bounce to this already dreamy style, grab NuMe's Magic Curling Wand and add some curls to the loose ends. Who needs a glass slipper when you've got fairytale locks?


For Real Faux Hawk


Pixie cuts are the perfect canvas for a funky faux hawk. Mixing straight hair with curled sections is a recipe for standout style. Using the Technique Slim Hair Straightener, grab random pieces of hair and curl them forwards or backwards depending on the direction you want them to lay. Then give your hair a little tousle, and seal the deal with Freeze Please Finishing Hairspray.


Sweet, Sweet Curls


You may think that achieving a head full of luscious curls would take longer than an iPhone update. And who has time for that? But, in fact, there is a shortcut to curl-ville. The trick is to put your hair in a high ponytail then separate the ponytail in two parts. Curl one half using the Precious Metals Curling Wand, making the curl as tight or as loose as your heart desires. Repeat with the other half. Then take down the ponytail and separate your curls—fabulousness in a flash.


Give one of these 10 under 10 a try and let us know what you think. Or tell us if there are any styles we missed. Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers.


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