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Treat Yourself to Quality Hair Care

enero 11, 2022 8 lectura mínima

Treat Yourself to Quality Hair Care

Giving your hair the care it needs can be one of the best investments you make for yourself. Making time for your hair, despite the stress you may have in your day-to-day activities, is a form of self care. It is one of the things that boost self-confidence, making you look clean and beautiful. 

It is one thing to keep your hair neat and another to know the right kind of hair products to use to achieve your hair goal. Using just any hair product is not advisable because it may damage your hair, causing hair loss, dry scalp, or frizzle out your hair gradually - which is why it’s so important to use products that are formulated with high quality ingredients. 

Great hair starts in the shower, with your shampoo and conditioner. A quality shampoo and conditioner and the foundation of any good hair care routine.AllNuMe hair care products are multifunctional and designed to reduce frizz and improve and maintain hair’s natural moisture balance. 

So, in this article, we will try to look at the best ways to give your hair the quality care it deserves and why using quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products matters.

Why using quality Shampoo and Conditioner matters

Shampoo and conditioner are both household names. They are the main products used for washing hair. Have you wondered why it is so important to use it to wash your hair with these products instead of just using a bath soap?  It’s because a quality shampoo and conditioner keeps your hair healthy.

To better understand what Shampoo and Conditioner are, let me give a short explanation. Shampoo cleanses the hair, removing excess oils and dirt that accumulates on the scalp.NuMe shampoos gently cleanse without stripping your color, volume or shine. This is a common issue with drugstore shampoos - they ‘clean’ the hair too well, destroying the hair’s natural moisture balance, over stripping, and drying out the hair.

Conditioner moisturizes the hair, repairs damaged hair, and makes it soft and shiny. It helps prevent hair strands from tangling, makes hair easy to maintain, and protects the hair shaft. Hair masks fall under the category of conditioners, since they are designed to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair. 

Benefits of Using Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

They improve the hair and scalp

Quality shampoos and conditioners improve the health of the hair, making it smooth, soft, and bouncy. They also prevent irritation and regenerate lost hair from the scalp. 

Sometimes, when the hair itches and shows signs of stunted growth, it could be from bad shampoo or conditioner chemicals. But switching immediately to a quality shampoo and conditioner corrects this, and rejuvenates the damaged hair all the way down to the scalp.

They are better for the environment

The ingredients in quality shampoo and conditioner are not only good for hair care but also ecologically - friendly. They cause no harm to the environment and are safe to dispose off after use without fear of chemical pollution. Harmful chemicals in some conditioners and shampoo can destroy the ecosystem of microorganisms and aquatic species. But natural ingredients are biodegradable, which does not cause harm to the environment.

They maintain hair color

Quality shampoo and conditioner are suitable for dyed and colored hair and do not strip off color.  Instead, they maintain hair color, giving it more glow and finesse. 

Natural shampoo and conditioner are beneficial for your hair care. There is no disputing that fact. If you maintain the usage of quality shampoo and condition on your hair, you expose your hair to the requisite nutrients to make it look good and healthy. 

What Shampoo and Conditioner do we recommend?

White Truffle Shampoo + Conditioner Duo

Cleanse, nourish, and repair your hair withNuMe’s White Truffle Shampoo + Conditioner Duo ! Formulated withWhite Truffle, Orchid, Jasmine and Evening Primrose to combat frizz, hydrate and nourish hair. White truffles naturally contain amino acids, which help repair damaged proteins in the hair. The White Truffle Shampoo gently cleanses while hydrating the hair. The White Truffle Conditioner repairing and protecting your locks with every use.

Vegan Tourmaline Shampoo + Conditioner Duo 

Tourmaline Shampoo + Conditoner Duo

Strengthen, hydrate, and smooth your hair withNume’s Vegan Tourmaline Shampoo + Conditioner Duo! Their innovative formulas blend tourmaline powder, vitamins and amino acids together for optimal shine and smooth, frizz-free hair. The lightweight formulas seal in moisture, treating unwanted hair frizz and annoying fly-aways! 

Formulated to deposit nutrients back into the hair while simultaneously cleansing, the Tourmaline Shampoo gently cleanses the hair without stripping it of natural oils. Tourmaline powder helps the hair maintain its natural moisture balance and 10 different amino acids work together to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. The Tourmaline Conditioner's lightweight, hydrating formula contains amino acids to help strengthen the hair. The tourmaline powder, parkii butter and coconut oil hydrate and nourish the hair, allowing the moisturizing effects of this conditioner can be felt long after the shower.

Vegan Torumaline Hair Mask

Tourmaline Hair Mask

Strengthen, moisturize and nourish your hair with NuMe’s Vegan Tourmaline Hair Mask. The deeply hydrating and restorative formula rejuvenates dry hair, eliminating unwanted fly-aways. Infused with tourmaline and other vitamin-packed ingredients, the paraben free formula works to smooth the cuticle and improve elasticity for frizz-free, soft, shiny hair. 

Styling Products

Hair Care

Your shampoo and conditioner may be the foundation of your hair care routine, but your styling products also play a huge role in the health of your hair. It’s important to also use high quality styling products to ensure that you are nourishing and protecting your hair. 

Heat Protectant

If you heat style your hair - whether it’s with a flat iron, curling wand, or blow dryer - heat protectant is a must to make sure you are protecting your hair from damage. Our go-to isWatch Me Werk! Formulated with caviar extract, vitamin A, and sunflower seed oil, Watch Me Werk protects your hair while simultaneously adding hydration.


NuMe serums provide your hair with a concentrated dose of nourishing ingredients. OurSleeky In A Bottle Serum is formulated with argan oil, macadamia seed oil, and mineral oil to help add and lock in hydration while smoothing hair and taming flyaways. OurWhite Truffle Serum is formulated with argan oil, fruit extracts, mango seed oil, and noni to restore and conditioner the hair - smoothing and adding shine. 

Hair Primer

You’ve probably heard of makeup primer, but have you heard of hair primer? The concept is essentially the same: makeup primer helps prep your skin for makeup, hair primer helps prep your hair for styling. OurRise and Prime Hair Primer can be used on its own as a base prior to heat styling or on its own as a leave in conditioner, this versatile product will make your hair the ultimate canvas for looks that last!

Best Natural Ingredients For Your Hair

  • Tourmaline Powder - smooths, hydrates, and leaves hair looking healthy

  • Amino Acids (Proteins) - provide moisture and strength, repair damage, reduce breakage, and increase body, suppleness and shine

  • Natural Plant Oil (Argan Oil, Jojoba, and Macadamia Oil) - condition and moisturize the hair, smooth frizz, combat dullness, and add shine

  • Coconut Oil - prevents breakage, adds moisture, and fights frizz

  • Shea Butter - nourishes and conditions the hair

  • Vitamins - promote hair growth, add shine

  • Fruit Extracts - condition and nourish the hair

  • Aloe Vera - great for scalp health, smooths hair, and adds shine

  • Chamomile - strengthens and nourishes the hair

Ingredients to Avoid When Choosing Your Shampoo and Conditioner 

The type of Shampoo and Conditioner to use for your hair goes a long way to determine the quality of your hair. 

Using ingredients that are harmful chemicals is not advisable because it may damage your hair, causing skin irritation, dryness, breakage, and hair loss.

Some of these  harmful ingredients are:


Parabens are a chemical preservative that can cause allergy to the skin resulting in irritation, redness, and itchy skin. It can prevent hair growth and fade hair color.


Triclosan is meant to fight bacteria, but the harm it causes to the hair outweighs the benefit. This ingredient slows hair growth, causes inflammation and scalp irritation. It also causes severe weight loss in some people. Try to steer clear of Triclosan if possible unless it's the only solution for your hair.


Sulfates are referred to as deep cleansing agents but cause inflammation and irritation of sensitive skin. They strip the hair of natural oil, causing dryness, and can disrupt new hair from coming out from the scalp. There are numerous sulphates available but some of the common ones are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.


Apart from being a preservative in shampoo, Formaldehyde is also used for preservation in some consumer products. It's used in building materials and household products. Formaldehyde causes allergy, leukemia, and rare cancer disease like throat cancer. This chemical is harmful to the skin; hence, you should be careful when using a hair product that has this ingredient. Keratin, Brazilian & Japanese straightening treatments contain formaldehyde and come with anFDA warning

NuMe offers an all-natural, vegan alternative to these chemical straightening treatments - check out ourTourmaline Hair Smoothing At Home Treatment.This semi-permanent straightening treatment’s breakthrough, super hydrating formula is packed with real tourmaline powder and is rich in vitamins and plant based oils that protect and moisturize your hair for a smooth, healthy shine.


As one of the antiseptic agents in cosmetic products, Hexachlorophene is used to fight bacteria. The side effect of this chemical is dangerous to the skin. These side effects are skin swelling, redness, dryness, light sensitivity, and eye irritation. 

It is vital to note that you should check the ingredients that make up any shampoo and conditioner you may wish to buy so that you don't buy the wrong product that will damage your hair. 

Using quality shampoo and conditioner rich in natural ingredients is harmless to the hair. So, let’s look at some natural ingredients that are good for your hair.

How to correctly Shampoo and Conditioner to your hair

So many people spend money on hair products, but just a few know how to apply them correctly. With regards to hair shampoo and conditioner, there are proper ways to use them. 

Use either warm or cold water to wash your hair - if you have color-treated hair, using hot water will fade your color faster. Put the shampoo in the palm of your hands and emulsify the product (rub it between your hands to get a little lather and activate the ingredients). Then, apply to your roots and massage it in - focus on your roots, there is no need to shampoo your ends unless your hair is particularly dirty. Rinse out the shampoo and squeeze the excess water from your hair before applying conditioner. Apply conditioner from your mid-sections to ends, avoiding the roots. Let sit for a few minutes before washing out.

How often should you wash your hair?  

You may want to wash your hair every day, depending on your hair type. However, some factors may influence your decision to wash your hair daily. There is no specific number of times to wash your hair, but overdoing it can cause damage to your hair. Check outthis blog for more details on how often you should wash your hair.


If you don't take your time to care for your hair regularly, it will cause dandruff, itches, smell, and give room to other hair germs. It may also slow the growth of your hair, causing dryness, dullness, and fallout of hair.

Therefore, you need to take care of it so you can have the maximum result. It is a fun thing to do if it becomes part of you. Using quality shampoo and conditioner makes your hair shiny, glossy, and smooth. And don’t forget that having good hair boosts self-confidence and makes you look neat.

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