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Hair and Beauty Hacks to be Thankful for

junio 21, 2018 5 lectura mínima

Hair and Beauty Hacks to be Thankful for

Always Look Drop Dead Gorgeous With These Holiday Style Secrets

Your alarm clock goes off and you know it’s game time when the mental checklist starts before you even open your eyes. The turkey is in the fridge thawing from the night before, your kids are still asleep (for some of you that may mean your chihuahua, Tinkles), and you’ve got just enough time to hop in the shower before getting your Martha Stewart on. We know your hair is the last thing on your mind and when you’re busy you may forget that you even have hair.

A good beauty trick is just the thing to up your style game, and it can also help you build confidence to take on the world like the badass you are. Women who style together, kick ass together. So as you’re serving your grandma’s candied yams, take a moment to share some tried and true beauty secrets with your friends and family, so they have a little something extra to be thankful for.

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10 Hair and Beauty Hacks for Flawless Photos

1. Ice eyes baby!

It’s no surprise that the holidays all make us lose a little sleep, especially when you’re on-the-go and cooking for a family of 50. You don’t need a ton of concealer to achieve beautifully, rested-looking under eyes, just a little time spent using eye masks. Our beauty hack is to leave these babies in the fridge at all times, so you can pull them out and place them on your eyes as you go about doing your daily chores. The reason for this is the excess fluid here makes the eyes appear swollen, and the cold compress brings that swelling down so you look rested. You can also use green tea bags that have been steeped and then cooled. Spoons work too!

2. Hide your grays!

We’re all about embracing the all-natural look but sometimes you just don’t want to show off your grays and it’s okay to want to conceal them. However, you feel most confident is the way to go. To reduce their appearance at the root, pick up your mascara and lightly touch up the roots for a quick fix that will wash out as soon as you shower.

3. Prep your pout.

The last thing you think about are your lips in terms of what needs to be prepared for great photos. Makeup can help make things look normal, but what’s underneath has a lot more of an impact on the final wow factor. Getting luscious looking lips that look about ten years younger is easy with just a little sugar and coconut oil. Take a spoonful of raw sugar (go ahead and sing your best Mary Poppins) not table sugar, and a spoonful of coconut oil; add these to a cup or an old lip balm container, then take some of this on the tip of your finger and begin applying in tiny circles on your clean lips. Dead skin will fall away and reveal fresher, plumper lips.

4. It’s a wrap!

To get quick curls and only after you’re out of the shower and have blasted your hair with your favorite ionic hair dryer, roll up a few coils of your hair in sections and wrap these with aluminum foil at the ends. These curls should only go from end to midsection. You can still go about and finish a few chores, but once you’re done just clamp your NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener over the foil and hold for a few seconds and release. Once you’ve applied heat to all of your curls and foil, you can take them out and watch the simple waves flow.

5. Powder power!

Don’t worry; we’ve got a bobby pin hack for you to get the hold and texture you need that will stay in place all day long. You’ll need the NuMe Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo Aerosol, a paper towel, and a set of bobby pins; we recommend the NuMe Bobby Pin Set. Set your paper towel down and place your bobby pins on top of it, then spray your bobby pins with the dry shampoo. Lift the towel with the bobby pins inside and shake them around a bit to remove excess product. Add them to your hair to hold your styles in place without worrying about them falling out. Bonus: remember that bobby pins are meant to be worn ridge-side down.

6. Make it up with makeup!

Sometimes it can be frustrating to style your hair when you have a few areas at the border of your scalp, at the temples and at the back of your head that are a little thinner than others. When you can see through to your scalp, you often style to cover it up, but now you don’t have to when you use this trick. Take a shade of eyeshadow that is as close to your hair color as possible then take an eyeshadow brush to your thin areas. Covering these sections with a light brushing of shadow can help reduce the visibility of your scalp and give you a wider variety of hairstyles to work with.

7. Blow to bloom!

Instead of relying on your mascara to do all the work by lifting and forming curled lashes, heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer during your blowout. Once your curler is warm, apply it to your eyelashes and watch the magic happen.

8. Lose the gloss!

Seriously. That cornstarch you use to thicken your gravy has a couple of quick beauty uses. For this trick, dab the tip of your finger with cornstarch and apply to your glossy lips. No more sticky smiles!

9. Faux it!

No one will notice the difference when you use a little dry shampoo with this curling hack. Blowouts are all about the most volume and bounce, so for this tip simply add a dry shampoo to your roots and shake it out. Then you’ll need to take your curling wand and begin curling from the ends to the midsection of your hair and let your curls bounce freely.  

10. #Filtered.

Everyone gets a little oily around their t-zone, especially if you’re running around in a hot kitchen taking things in and out of the oven. Working with heat can bring out more oil, more so when you have oily skin to start. Instead of washing off your makeup mid-mashed potato creation, pick up a coffee filter and dab at it. Dabbing your face with a coffee filter can replace any need for oil blotting tissues since the fibers are small and absorbent. This is the perfect tip for someone that literally has a few seconds before their grandma starts snapping family cooking photos.

Using these simple tips will help you keep it going when you’re on a roll this Thanksgiving. Don’t stress out but look poised, flawless and photo-ready at every holiday party. For more beauty tips and hair tricks, follow us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at

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