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Can't Nobody Tail Me Nothing: Ponytails to Rock This Summer | Best Curling Iron 2019

julio 11, 2019 3 lectura mínima

Can't Nobody Tail Me Nothing: Ponytails to Rock This Summer | Best Curling Iron 2019

Ponytails are a great hairstyle to beat the summer heat. Elevate the classic ponytail with these fun looks.

High, Sleek Power Pony

Sleek High Pony

The queen of the slick, top ponytail is definitely Ariana Grande, but Lady Gaga sure knows how to rock one flawlessly too. We also love the look on singer Ciara. There's something about this style of pony that says, "Yes, I can sing and dance but also, let's get this board meeting started." Sleek, straight locks are the name of the game for this one. We'd start with a smoothing serum like our Gloss Boss then get things ultra-straight with a flat iron like our Megastar Hair Straightener.


Braided Pony


Braided ponies lead a double-life. They fit in just as well in a fitness class as they do at an awards banquet—it's all about how you style it. We love a fluffy, textured braided pony, à la Blake Lively. Braids thrive on slightly dirty strands. Mop up oil and add a little texture with a small dose of some dry shampoo like Dirty to Flirty.


Textured Low Pony


Bailee Madison is wow-ing with her low-slung, textured pony this year. Textured ponies don't have to be "business (sleek) in the front, party (messy) in the back," although that is always an option. Either way, you can enhance texture by creating waves with the NuMe Classic Curling Wand, then lightly brushing through (that part is optional). If the hair is straight, you can gently backcomb on the underside of the pony. Use a texturizing product on dry hair for more drama and volume (our root lifter, Root Werk doubles as a texturizing spray).


Textured High Pony


Again, the textured pony doesn't have to be slick everywhere except the ponytail part, and high doesn't have to be sky high—it can also sit centered on the back of your head. Curling wands are your friend again here and don't be afraid to adorn with hair scarfs. If you do decide to keep the strands on your scalp slick, spritz some hairspray like our Freeze Please Finishing Spray on a toothbrush to tame any flyaways or baby hairs.


Half-Up, Half-Down Pony


When your hair is half-up, half-down, and you secure the top section as a pony, you have got yourself with a pretty sweet #beychella style. This half-pony 'do is youthful, fun, and at least keeps the top part of the hair off your face. Kim Kardashian donned this look on a shorter mane recently, and it looked fab (no surprise there, the girl's got style). Max out on volume for this look by priming locks with our Blah to Bouncy Blow Dry Cream before you dry them.


Side Pony


Let us not forget about the side ponytail, which is usually low but can also perch high, as Nia Sioux wore hers at the recent premiere of The Lion King. The side ponytail can also be sleek like Jessica Alba showcases or elegantly curled as Carrie Underwood has sported on many red carpets. The low, more formal side tails will need some extra hold to keep the hair positioned right. Polish off any type of side pony with hold and shine using our Hottie Alert Shine Spray.


As you can see, the ponytail is a staple style that can reinvent itself quite often. Find even more ways to think outside the box with your hair by following us on Instagram @NuMeHair. Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events!


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Author: Mary Patterson Broome

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