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Next Stop, Top of the Ferris Wheel: Quick and Fun Hair 'Dos During Fair Season

July 03, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
Next Stop, Top of the Ferris Wheel: Quick and Fun Hair 'Dos During Fair Season

The overall note before taking any of these hairstyles to the merry-go-round, protect your hair from all the outdoor elements you might encounter at the fair! Before blow drying and styling, apply a primer like our Rise and Prime to damp strands. For added armor on your mane, use a heat protective spray like our Watch Me Werk before using a straightener or curling wand.


Half-up, Half-Down with a Few Select Braidshalf-up-half-down-hairstyle

This one is meant to be an easy way to style and go and also look like you are fair-festive. Pull the top section of hair into a clip, elastic or scrunchie (since the 90s staple has made a comeback), then braid a few small sections of the bottom half of your hair (some mini elastics may be in order). Viola, you've got a boho-fairgrounds-chic look. Tame potential frizz and make sure your braid, and the rest of your hair, glistens by using a smoothing agent like our Gloss Boss Serum on wet or dry hair from mid-lengths to end.


Voluminous Pull-through Side Braid


The pull-through braid is one of those styles that looks complicated, but it's pretty simple, even for the least experienced braiders out there. All you need are some clear elastics. Hair enthusiast Alex Gaboury's YouTube tutorial on the side pull-through braid is easy to follow. You can keep it loose, and tug gently on the hair once it's braided to create more fullness. This hairstyle pairs well with some colorful cotton candy to really achieve an adorable look on the 'gram.


Twisted Low Buns


Space buns might be too much height for the carnival. If you go to a concert on the fairgrounds, you are going to be blocking the view of the folks behind you. So, what is the solution for hot, humid summer nights and keeping hands off your hair so you can enjoy that candy apple? Delicately twisted low buns. Dutch beauty vlogger Loepsie demonstrates how to create twisted low "cinnamon roll buns" in this video. You'll need some bobby pins to secure the buns, and perhaps some spritzes of the NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Hairspray to keep them in place on the tilt-a-whirl.


Tousled with Side Clips


There's nothing wrong with some artfully messy hair at the fair. Those subtle beach waves might even come naturally if the grounds are by the water. Divide hair into sections accordingly, then use a wave-making tool like our Classic Curling Wand Pearl (for curlier, more natural-looking curls), then gently rake fingers through for added texture. For even more texture, our Root Werk Root Lifter also works as a texturizing spray when spritzed (8 to 10 inches away) onto the mid section of hair. Place two to three clips just above the ear on the side that's closest to your hair's part. If you're looking for clips, check out these adorable ones.


We hope you found some go-to, ferris wheel-ready 'dos to keep in your hairstyle arsenal this summer. We're always sharing creative hair ideas and tips for using our products and tools on Instagram, so be sure to follow us there @NuMeHair. Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events!


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Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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