The Magic of an Ionic Hair Dryer and How to Maximize Your Blowout Every Time

June 21, 2018 5 min read 2 Comments

The Magic of an Ionic Hair Dryer and How to Maximize Your Blowout Every Time

Ionic Hair Dryers Are a Styling Must

Years ago, before you knew more about how to style your hair, an ionic hair dryer would have meant nothing much to you except extra dollar signs. But now, having an ionic hair dryer is a must if you want frizz-free and healthy hair. There’s definitely a reason why so many people are opting for the occasional blowout and ionic styling tools for the everyday use at home. We’ll go through these reasons with you, so you know exactly what an ionic hair dryer is and what you’re getting for the extra cost.. Trust us, as soon as you start using an ionic hair dryer, your friends will notice the difference and so will you!

What Is an Ion Anyway?

Ions are positively or negatively charged molecules that interact with one another based on the opposite charge. Remember the saying, opposites attract? This is literally where this idea comes from; it kind of gives you a flashback to high school chemistry or college physics (if you were paying attention!). But don’t worry, this isn’t a science lecture. Everything around you is the result of a positive or negative charge, so when your hair starts to frizz, it’s because you probably didn’t seal the cuticle and that positive ionic charge is coursing through the hair follicle. Something has to take down that frizz and supply an opposite charge. This is where ionic heat styling tools come in, especially ionic hair dryers.

Late Late Show With James Corden. You’re Welcome.

How Does an Ionic Hair Dryer Work and What Are the Benefits?

Your hair is like a concentrated ball of positive charge when wet. Ionic dryers are crafted to emit a specific type of negative ion technology that essentially neutralizes this charge so you won’t see static, frizz and unruly behavior. How it works is that within an ionic hair dryer, a circular netting of a specific metal is heated and as the metal warms, negative ions are generated. These ions are then blown onto the hair where they naturally cling to the positive charge coming from each follicle.

The benefits of an ionic hair dryer go above and beyond all others. If it doesn’t specify that it’s ionic, it’s not worth buying; all other hair dryers are positively charged and you don’t want any more of that in your hair. As these negative ions hit your hair, any water molecules are broken down into smaller particles and distribute evenly through the hair to coat each follicle, shortening your drying time by half. An ionic hair dryer will calm frizz and promote lasting shine and offer the softest texture by sealing strands. With the help of an end sealer like the NuMe Not Your Basic End Sealer, you’re barring any external water from absorbing into the hair further. An ionic hair dryer is a conditioning tool that protects your hair from an unpredictable environment and prepares it to hold long lasting style.

Why It's Worth the Splurge

Straightening, curling and waving results all depend on how you prep your locks. An ionic hair dryer will set your smoothest, silkiest hair (provided you dry the hair correctly). Now, they are pricey, and the benefits of ionic components are amazing, but let’s get into a few additional reasons why it’s worth the splurge. Most ionic hair dryers are higher powered; you’ll notice a change in wattage starting at 1300W up to 2000W. What does this mean for you? When your dryer offers higher power, that means it will last a lot longer since it doesn’t have to work as hard to run. Lower powered hair dryers like nonionic ones work overtime and end up blowing themselves out of commission. So it may seem like a lot of money but you’re saving money over time by not having to constantly replace your tool.

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The Key to a Perfect Blowout

There are thousands of hair follicles on your head, could you imagine how long it would take you to care for each one individually? With an ionic hair dryer, you’re basically treating your hair as if you were. When you spend time and money on the perfect blowout, you want to make sure it lasts for at least a couple of days. The key to achieving this blowout result is how you prepare your tresses and the hair dryer you use.

  • To start, wait to dry your hair until it’s only damp. We recommend the NuMe Microfiber Hair Wrap to do this, so you block any pre-blowout frizz.
  • Spray your hair with a heat protectant like NuMe Watch Me Werk to give your hair some added defense against the dark art of heat styling.
  • You’ll want to apply a serum to refresh your hair and hydrate. But remember, don’t apply the serum too far toward the root since it may make you look a little greasy and weigh the hair down.
  • Applying an end sealer can also help you seal the hair cuticle further reducing frizz. You can also use a blow dry cream like NuMe Blah To Bouncy.
  • Section your hair and make sure to dry each section completely, but not too much. Try the NuMe Ionic Round Brush to pull the hair into shape. This round brush is unlike any other because it changes color from black to white when the section of hair you’re working on it completely dry.

You’ll be surprised how a little effort can impact the longevity of your post-blowout style.

Cool It, Hot Stuff.

Before your blowout, know what your hair’s suitable settings and needs are. Low heat is for fine hair and high heat is for thicker hair. Using the right heat setting for your hair type is vital because makes all the difference in your locks’ heat. Over drying can cause your hair to lose all moisture, leaving room for excess water in the air, to adhere to the hair and create frizz. If you’re worried about over drying, switch out to your cool shot setting, NuMe hair dryers offer this option for delicate and naturally curly locks.

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Get Diffused and Concentrate, Yo.

The diffuser isn’t just some weird thing that looks like a medieval torture device, but it’s a tool that attaches to your hair dryer and evenly distributes heat with controlled flow so that curly hair can remain tangle-free. Get familiar with your attachments and a whole new world will reveal itself. Gentle drying is in the hands of your diffuser.

The best hair dryers come with concentrators, and these tiny little funnels are the best way to focus on fringe and specific areas of your hair that tend to frizz up (baby hair flyaways, we see you). When you pull these out of the box don’t toss them in a corner and show them to all of your friends while singing about thingamabobs like Ariel.

To make sure you’re focusing the heat and getting the look you want, use your concentrators. For straight looks and tending to naturally wavy ‘dos, concentrators apply the right amount of heat to hold your blowout.

If you’re rethinking your hair dryer options, NuMe offers a few ionic hair dryers that treat your hair with care:

Every blowout should be something you look forward to. If you’re someone that never uses a hair dryer, think about all the benefits of an ionic hair dryer and give it a try. Tweet us about your experience on Twitter @NuMeUSA or visit our website for more hair tips and tricks at

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هل الشركه ليها مقر في دبي
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August 12, 2021

Great informative article/tutorial…. makes me glad I bought a Harry Josh 2000w with diffuser!

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