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How to Make Your Curls Last Throughout Holiday Parties

November 10, 2021 2 min read

How to Make Your Curls Last Throughout Holiday Parties

The holidays can be stressful time, so the last thing you want to worry about is your hair falling flat. 

If you have been using a curling iron and you're wondering why your curls aren't lasting or your hair feels dry afterwards, it's probably because the curling iron itself is low quality. When using low quality tools, it's not only a pain to style your hair, but you also risk damaging it. 

Curling your hair with a NuMe curling wand will ensure that the style stays.

Invest in a quality curling wand

NuMe Octowand

Investing in a high quality iron is an investment in your hair's health. 

Tools that have pure (not plated!) tourmaline ceramic or titanium barrels, makes a huge difference in both the longevity of your wand and styling time. To find out which material is best for you, check out this blog. Pure barrels ensure even heat distribution and do not chip or flake like plated barrels. 

Technology comes standard at NuMe. All of our curling wands have our proprietary Far Infrared Heat & Negative Ion Conditioning Technologies work with your hair's natural oils and minerals to seal in moisture, reduce frizz, and increase shine. This method of healthier heat styling conditions and seals the hair cuticle, reducing dryness and long-term damage while creating long-lasting styles!

Pay attention to your technique 

Blonde Curling Hair with NuMe Classic Wand

Every beauty guru seems to have their own tips and tricks for getting their curls to last. Hey, even we have a blog on 11 Ways to Make Curls Stay! Be sure you are using the correct barrel type for the curl you want. Smaller barrels tend to give you tighter curls while larger barrels create looser curls. 

If your curls tend to fall too much, trying going down a barrel size, or hold it on the barrel for an extra 1-3 seconds to 'over curl' it so that when it does inevitably fall, it's not too loose. 

If you are looking for more volume, alternate the direction you curl your hair. Curl one section away from your face then the next layer towards it - this will create dimension and ensure that the curls keep more definition and volume. 

Use high quality hair care

NuMe Styling Products

Similar to the hot tools you choose to use, the products you use also play a role in both the health of your hair and longevity of your hair style. While it is not necessary to use styling products to get your styles to last, they definitely help! One product you should not skip is heat protectant - if you are using a hot tool to style your hair, then your routine should include a heat protectant. Our Ready, Set, Protect! Styling Trio is the perfect addition to your curling routine to ensure you to lock in moisture and protect your strands while styling. If you want a little added hold, we recommend using a light hold hairspray, like our Freeze Please to lock in your curls. 

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