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The Ultimate Hair Color Guide: What Color Works Best For You

February 20, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
The Ultimate Hair Color Guide: What Color Works Best For You

What's most important to remember when going for a new color is to choose the one you feel the most confident in! Trying a new hair color can be intimidating, but we've done the research to show you what colors will flatter you most.


Your Eye Color Plays a Huge Part


Are you someone who has light colored eyes? For instance, those with icy blue eyes could toy around with the idea of going dark brown, because the contrast of dark hair with light eyes will be nothing short of mesmerizing. Therefore, the opposite is true for those with darker eye color. If you have deep brown eyes, playing with blonde, or lighter shades will also give you a nice contrast, even if those colors are just used as highlights.


What's the Difference Between Lowlights and Highlights?


Highlights are when you have pieces of hair that are dyed slightly lighter than your natural color that mixes in with your hair, and lowlights are when you have slightly darker sections of hair that mix in with your natural color. Depending on your original hair color, ask your hairdresser which one they think would look best on you. Having the right highlight or lowlight can create the illusion of more dimension in the hair, too! Highlights and lowlights are a fun way of adding new colors in your hair, without having to deal with the damage that comes with dyeing all of it. If you're someone who doesn't like to make trips to the salon often, highlights are very low maintenance as well!


Are You Someone with a Warm or Cool Skin Tone?


Another thing to keep in mind is knowing if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Just like when it comes to choosing the right foundation, knowing if you are warm or cool colored comes into play when deciding what color to dye your hair! The quickest way to tell if you have a warm or cool skin tone is by first asking yourself which jewelry color you think compliments you best. Are you more of a silver gal or gold? If you lean towards silver, you're more than likely to be considered "cool," and those that prefer gold are "warm." Another test to try is by checking out your eyeshadow collection. Do you prefer cool to warm tones on an everyday basis? For those that said they look their best in silver or cool tones, then hair shades like platinum or ashy blonde, and even espresso, if you want to stay dark, will look best on you! For those that answered "warm," shades such as warm beige, honey blondes, or mocha, if you prefer a darker shade, will compliment you best!


Remember To Care For Your Locks


Last, but not least, we can't forget about hair care. If you're going for a dramatically lighter shade than your original color, your hairdresser might even recommend you to use a certain shampoo and conditioner, but all will stress the importance of making sure your hair stays hydrated and healthy after the coloring process. We suggest a weekly hydrating mask to keep those ends from breaking and splitting. One of our favorites is the Mane Goals - Deep Repair Mask. Another tip is hydrating with a leave-in conditioner! A pump of our White Truffle Serum will leave your hair silky soft.


Well, that's a wrap on our hair color guide. Feel free to tag us @NuMeHair with the looks you end up creating! Be sure to sign up for our NuMe Loyalty Program for sneak peeks of exclusive offers and announcements! Happy coloring!


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