11 Ways to Make Curls Stay

August 26, 2020 6 min read 4 Comments

11 Ways to Make Curls Stay

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If there’s one complaint curly-haired people have, it’s that their curls just don’t stay put. They may use rollers or curling irons to ensure each curl is perfectly perky, but it seems as if as soon as they turn around…. BAM, their curls have wilted into a random, shapeless something or other.

If this is a problem you have, you’re in luck! This article will provide you with several things you can do to ensure your curls always look bouncy and beautiful.

Start the Process in a Shower

It’s best to curl hair two or three days after showering. After a shower, your hair may be too soft to style and curls will lose shape quickly.

The natural oils in your hair that build up after showering will provide a grittier texture which gives curls more of a natural hold. If you are worried about oil build-up, you can always spray hair with dry shampoo.

In any case, whether you are holding off on curling your hair or styling it immediately, it’s always best to skip the conditioner. The conditioner will make your hair even softer rendering it unable to hold its curl.

Get Prepared

Your hair needs the right texture to hold curls for a long period. Certain hair products on the market actually work to provide this texture.

Mousse, in particular, can be quite effective. Mousse contains alcohol, which will remove some of the moisture from your hair to give it the gritty texture it needs.

Use a generous amount of mousse filling your whole palm with the product. Then work from root to tip making sure your hair is covered.

Protect YourHair

In order to hold curls, you will need to use alcohol-based products and skip the conditioner. This will leave hair dry and brittle; so you’ll need to fight back with heat protectant.

There are several heat protectant products you can apply to hair to keep it from getting damaged. These will protect your hair from the damaging effects of straightening and curling irons.

Use Hairspray

Hairspray can be applied before, during or after you curl your hair to give it a grittier texture and help hold your hair in place.

When applying hairspray, be careful not to hold it too close to your curls. This will make them crunchy and heavy. Instead, hold the can a distance from your head so the spray falls around your hair in a light mist. This will keep your curls in place, but also keep them touchably soft.

If you are applying hairspray before curling, give it a few minutes to set in before applying heat.

Invest in Good Tools

If you have been using a curling iron on your hair and you’re wondering why it’s not working, it may be that the iron itself just isn’t great quality. Higher quality hair irons will be more expensive but it’s worth it to get the great-looking curls you are after. These irons also tend to last longer than cheaper ones, so you’ll have better hair for longer.

A good curling iron will also be less damaging to your hair. Look for curling irons made of pure Tourmaline Ceramic, Ceramic, or Titanium, these are higher quality those that are just coated. These materials are proven to do less damage to your hair than regular metal.

They also heat up better so you don’t have to waste time waiting for hair to curl. Therefore, the irons will not only be a time-saver, but the reduced amount of time they are in contact with your hair will also mean less damage.

Tip: For optimal curling action, set your iron to 300 degrees. If you are curling extensions, turn the heat down to 250 degrees. Extensions are brittle and aren’t able to stand up to heat as well as real hair does.

Use the Right Barrel Size


Curling irons come in various barrel sizes. Small barrels will give you a tight curl, while bigger barrels will give you loose, wavy curls.

This is why most women opt for a bigger barrel. They think this will give them the loose, sexy curls they’re looking for.

However, curls that are too loose tend not to hold as well as tighter curls. Tighter curls, on the other hand, will loosen to give you the wavy, sexy effect you want. The curls will also be more defined and last longer.

If you are using a bigger barrel curling iron and you are not getting the defined curls you want, consider switching to a 1” or 1.5” barrel.

It is also important to know the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand.

A curling iron will give you tight curls while a curling wand will give you more freedom to customize the type of curl you want.

The technique you use when curling your hair will also affect the type of curls you are getting. The way you section your hair and the direction you curl your hair in will contribute to the outcome of your styling. There are many articles online that review techniques to help you get the look you are going for.

An interchangeable curling wand is a great option to ensure you find the right barrel size for you, we suggest our Octowand or Lustrum Sets! 

Cool Your Curls

Allowing your curls to cool will also help get them to stay.

Once hair is curled, pin the curls in place with a clip or bobby pin. The heat from the curling iron makes your hair change its shape. When you clip it, you are making sure it stays in your desired shape, even as it cools.

After unclipping hair, give it a few more minutes to cool before brushing it out.
This process also works for hair extensions.

Tip: If you have a cool setting on your hairdryer, this is a great way to help your hair to set. Once hair is curled and clipped, set your hairdryer to cool and hold it a distance from your head. This will allow you to set your style quickly. This way, you won’t have to wait the 10 -15 minutes to ensure your curls stay in place as they cool.

Leave the Curls Tight

Leave your curls tight

Once your curls are cooled and unclipped, run your fingers through them. They may be a little tighter than you want them to be, but do not attempt to brush them out or loosen them. The curls will loosen on their own over time and trying to brush them out will only make them lose their shape sooner.

Use a Texturizing Spray

A texturizing spray is a lighter version of hairspray. Therefore, it will keep your curls in place without weighing them down and causing them to lose their bounce. It also works like dry shampoo by eliminating oils from your hair and adding volume. Check out some of our favorite NuMe Dry Shampoos & Texturizing Sprays.

You can also use hairspray before, during or after the curling process, but the texturizing spray will hold the curls without dragging them down. It will also give hair a great, full look.

Making Curls Stay Overnight

Making Curls Stay Overnight

While these are all great ways to make your curls stay during the day, it’s a lot more challenging to get that bouncy curl look after you have been sleeping on them all night.

Here are some tips for getting your curls to stay throughout the night so you can wake up in the morning with a head full of bouncy curls.

  • Use a scrunchie: If you have long hair, use a scrunchie to loosely secure your hair to the top of your head. This will prevent you from sleeping on your curls and flattening them.
  • Fan your Hair Out: Before sleeping, part your hair in the middle and fan it out on either side of you. If you sleep on your back, it’s unlikely you won’t end up on top of your curls and risk flattening them.
  • Use a Satin Pillowcase: A satin pillowcase will cause less friction on hair to keep it smooth and curly.

What if My Hair Still Doesn’t Curl?

If your hair still isn’t curling, it may be that your hair is too damaged to hold its curl. Dry, damaged, brittle hair will not have the amount of moisture needed to hold curls. You can eliminate damage by getting haircuts regularly and by deep conditioning. Masks can also be a great way to boost hair health.

If you love that curly look but just can’t get curls to stay, these tips will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

What do you do to help your curls retain their shape?

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Dev Marie Peck
Dev Marie Peck

October 29, 2021

My hair is straight and soft can not hold a curl for 5 mins


August 13, 2021

useful tips


August 12, 2021

about Gowns Manufactures
Hey! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?

I’m getting sick and tired of Wordpress because I’ve had
problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform.
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August 13, 2021

I have super thick, frizzy hair that would never hold a curl longer then a few hours. After a lot of trial & error I found it is possible to hold a curl for an entire work shift! I finger roll my hair into 2" sections, secure with a Bobby pin and spray a LIGHT mist of water & coconut oil all over before bed, When I wake up I carefully unroll, run my fingers throughout & do a few “touch up” curls with a wand in the front. Spray with texturing spray and The curl will hold & it only takes about 5 min to get ready for work!

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