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Romance Is in The Hair: Vintage 'Dos for Your Romantic Night Out

February 05, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
Romance Is in The Hair: Vintage 'Dos for Your Romantic Night Out

Love is in the air, and so is your hair (a lot of these looks call for some serious volume). When shopping for the right tools for these looks, make sure to take advantage of our MAMBA35 Sale. It's 35% off your entire purchase...PLUS a free gift!


1920s/30s Finger Wavesfinger-waves-hair

What you'll need:

That look you always associated with prohibition and The Great Gatsby indeed has a name—it's called "finger curls." You achieve the style with hair that's already washed and dried (even if the blowout is a few days old). Actress and YouTuber Brittany Sarah has a great tutorial for finger waves in a loose bob (perfect for that flappers party you've got after Valentine's Day too). While blogger Hayley Jones has an even easier one for loose finger waves. It involves using a smaller curling wand—and lots and lots of hairspray.


1940s Gibson Roll


What you'll need:

YouTuber Ditte Jochumsen has a super easy tutorial on the Gibson Roll, which I imagine was the 1940s woman's equivalent to the 2010s messy top knot. It looks super complicated at first glance, but with your secret weapon, a donut hair bun maker snipped so it's just a straight tube, it's actually not that hard to do at home. It's also great for hair that's already dry and maybe even a few days out from your last wash. It's mainly a lot of twisting, pins and hairspray with no heat styling tools necessary!


1950s Pin-up Victory Rolls


What you'll need:

Does your significant other have a secret thing for Bettie Page? Then start practicing, because this style (and its many variations) can take some work. But look no further than The Freckled Fox for an extremely detailed instruction manual on it. Pair it with a bold lip and some winged eyeliner and you might have to start your own calendar line very soon.


1960s Bubble Flip


What you'll need:

Calling all Mad Men superfans: The classic 60s hair flip starts with a good blow out. It doesn't have to be stick straight but somewhat smooth and full is the goal. You'll be teasing it a lot before you smooth it out again. Retro, vintage and pinup beauty expert Cherry Dollface has a killer guide for creating this look for short to medium-length hair.


1970s Charlie's Angels Curls / "Farrah Fawcett Hair"


What you'll need:

If you've got 20 minutes, The Cocco Channel has a pretty detailed, thorough how-to for this style with a wand. If you're using a wand, section off hair, start from the back, and point the barrel down as you wrap 1-inch sections of hair around it, pointing in the direction away from face. If you need a quicker version, retro styles blogger Saranne Huxton has a YouTube vid less than three minutes long, but using a straightener to create the waves.


Somehow women (or their hairdressers) created these styles without the technology we have in styling tools today. #madprops Be sure to share the looks you create and tag our Instagram, @NuMeHair, or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers. Happy Heart Day!


Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome

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