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August 27, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team


You’ve got a sweet duvet cover for that twin bed, enough surge protectors to charge every electronic within a 50-mile radius and a shiny new laundry basket (sorry to remind you that you’ll be doing your own laundry soon). Now let’s talk beauty supplies. We’ve got a few recommendations that’ll simplify that dorm-life hair care arsenal. Read on for some of our go-to back to school suggestions for your locks:

Sleeky In A Bottle Serum

1) Since it’s a good product for both straight and curly hair, a solid anti-frizz serum like Sleeky In A Bottle is a no-brainer. If you’re doing a blowout, it makes your life easier, and if you’re diffusing curly hair, you can mix it with whatever your favorite curl product is (we like our Blah to Bouncy Blow Dry Cream) to keep the frizz at bay so the curls can reach peak luster. Yes, you just read “peak luster.”

Signature Dryer


2) The Signature Hair Dryer is not only a must, but it also comes in fun colors because every dorm room needs a little brightening. This high quality dryer has negative ion condition technology (that’s hair speak for, “it’s awesome”) and gives you three different temperature options and two different speeds. Oh, and the cool blast button to seal the deal at the end; every hair dryer worth its weight should have one of those.


Megastar X

3) A well made flat iron like the Megastar X 1.75” Hair Straightener is an investment but well worth it and definitely good to have in your arsenal for the rest of your school years and beyond. Perfect for smoothing any flyaways after a blowout, a good straightener might last longer than your fling with that guy or gal on the fifth floor. Just sayin.’






4) The Lustrum curling wand set is a staple and great for a college student who wants variety—it comes with five different sized barrels so you can switch depending on the curl you want (or what type of theme party you’re going to that night). Whether you’re feeling bouncy ringlets or Glamazon waves, it’s got you covered. Added perk: it also comes with a free paddle brush, styling comb and style mat. The heat resistant glove that’s included protects your hands from any accidental slips but if you’re getting ready for a night out, still please don’t drink and curl. 








Dirty To Flirty Dry Shampoo5) An essential weapon after a long night (studying or partying), our Dirty To Flirty Dry Shampoo Aerosol is a lifesaver when you’re running late for class, or don’t have time or energy to do a full hair regimen again. Depending on your hair type, you’ve probably heard by now that shampooing every day isn’t always necessary. Washing your hair is like animal print—a little goes a long a way. 

So there you have it, your hair must-haves for college! Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers.

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