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Halloween Hairstyles for Any Costume 2021

October 06, 2021 | Posted by NuMe Team | 2 comentarios
Halloween Hairstyles for Any Costume 2021

Whether you're the person who plans months in advance or scrambles to find a costume days before the Halloween party, finding the perfect Halloween costume can be stressful. Not all costumes are created equally - effort and creativity go a long way in making sure you look and feel your best. Finding an outfit is only part of it, you need to figure out how to do your makeup and hair too. If you're unsure what to do with your hair for Halloween, don't worry we've got you. We're here for all your Halloween inspo!

Witches, Cats, and Bunnies Oh My!

We love the classic witch, black cat, bear, and bunny costumes. These are staples every year, and especially great if you are putting something together last minute or you're going to your second or third costume party of the season. If your costume requires a hat or other hair accessory, we recommend rocking some voluminous curls! Combat the dreaded hat hair with a curled hairstyle - our Octowand is a great option for this, with its 8 interchangeable tourmaline ceramic barrels. Whether you want tight ringlets or loose beach waves, your options are endless!

The makeup artist

Scary Pumpkin Makeup Look with Slicked Back Hair

When your makeup is your costume, you've probably just spent hours perfecting your look and now you're faced with styling your hair. To make sure the attention is on your makeup, we recommend a slicked ponytail or bun. To help achieve this look, it's best to straighten your hair first to make sure it will lie flat. Start by straightening your hair with our Megastar to make sure you have smooth, sleek hair, then you'll need a fine-toothed comb, hair serum or oil, and finishing hairspray. Brush the hair back and secure with a hair tie. If you opt for the sleek pony, wrap a small piece of hair around the hair band to conceal it and secure with hairspray and a bobby pin. 

Wigging Out

Some costumes require you to wear a wig for the full effect, while other times you may just want to add that fun pop to your costume. The thing is, most Halloween wigs are not the best quality or they don't lay exactly like you were expecting from the product photos. If you have a heat-friendly synthetic wig, you can spruce up that lack-luster wig with straightener or curling wand.

IMPORTANT: do not use a hot tool on your wig unless it is made of a heat-friendly synthetic material or human hair. When using a hot tool on your heat-friendly synthetic wig, do not apply high-heat, make sure your flat iron or curling wand has temperature control, not a fixed heat, and use the lowest possible heat setting to quickly pass over the hair. The Megastar's lowest heat setting is 170°F, making it ideal for this.

Vintage Looks through the decades

roaring 20s flapperWhether you're dressing up as a flapper from the roaring 20's or a dancing queen from the 80's, no matter the decade, one thing's for sure: you're going to need some hairspray! The classic pin curls can be created with either a straightener or curling iron, hair pins, and lots of hair spray. The 50's and 60's bouffant hair can be achieved with a nice blowout and some backcombing. We recommend the Blowout Boutique for this. For 70's and 80's hairstyles, add some texture by wither waving for curling your hair then backcomb and hairspray to set the look. For perfect waves, we recommend the Pentacle Deep Waver.


Let's be honest, braids are a staple and can be worked into just about any costume idea you may have. From Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz to a football player, you can guarantee a braid will elevate your costume. Whether you choose to stick with a classic braid or brave a more intricate french braid or dutch braid, you'll have a style that will last through the night. 

The 'No Costume' Costume

woman with black flower crown

Maybe you don't want to go all out this year and dress in a full costume, but you still want to do something cute and festive for spooky szn. Add some fun accessories! Whether it's a flower crown, headband, scarf, hair clips, or hair chalk accessorizing will give your hair that added pop! If you're feeling extra spooky, add some fake spiders.


We hope you got some hair inspo for your costumes. Show us the Halloween hairstyles you create with your NuMe tools use the hashtag #NuMeHalloween and tag @numehair to be featured on our IG! Have fun getting ready and happy Trick or Treating!

2 comentarios
Nadia - October 09, 2021

I think I am going with braids this year.

Linda - October 06, 2021

Halloween is one of the best times to get creative with your hair

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