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July 17, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team


Hair theory 1: You should not wash your hair every day.

TRUE! Many people assume the oily their hair gets the more they need to wash it. Believe it or not, washing your hair constantly can strip the strands of its natural oils. This can lead to loss of moisture making hair drier. “There’s no way cleaning your hair can cause damage,” you may be asking yourself. Well think about it, the more you have to wash your hair the more you have to style it. We all know what that means: heat damage. More styling can also be extremely time-consuming. Not only does it put damage in your hair but it also damages your wallet. The costs for hair products can add up quick, so why not save a buck if you can. Reminder: sweat from the gym is water, not oil.

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Hair theory 2: Stress causes grey hair.



FALSE! As much as we would all love to blame something for the cause of gray hair, a week's vacation in the Bahamas won’t stop your hair from growing in grey (although stress does result in other side effects, take that vacation anyway. You deserve it!). How fast you grow grey hair is all in the genetics, so blame mom and dad for this one. Grey hair is the result of melanin (natural pigments) not being able to produce color anymore. Another false grey haired myth is that plucking the hair can cause it to multiply. Plucking one hair follicle will not affect the surroundings. Even though it isn’t wrong to pluck a grey, it isn’t necessarily good either. Too much plucking can cause scar tissue and stop the production of hair altogether. Tip: just ignore it!





Hair theory 3: Trimming your hair makes it grow faster.


Unfortunately, this one is a big fat FALSE. Growth comes from the roots, not the ends. Although that doesn’t mean that you have to end your routine haircuts entirely, maybe wait a little longer. Even though trims don’t make your hair grow, it can make your hair thicker and healthier. Cutting your hair gets rid of split ends, which is a positive. The more split ends you have, the thinner the hair will look. Trimming your hair won’t result in growth, but it will still create thick, healthy hair. Tip: ask for a light feathering opposed to a trim. This way it gets rid of split ends but also keeps the length.

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Hair theory 4: The more you brush, the healthier your hair will be.


Despite what your mother has told you, this one is definitely FALSE! No, you do not need to brush your hair 100 times before bed every night. Over brushing can cause friction against your head and damage the cuticle making it harder for hair to grow. The excessive pressure on the hair leads to split ends and damaged hair. It is best to brush only when hair is tangled and before styling. 

Hair theory 5: Your pillowcase affects your hair.


TRUE! Something as simple as changing your pillowcase can be a huge game changer and time saver. Sleeping on cotton sheets can tug and pull at your hair causing the beloved bedhead. A simple way to avoid this is by switching to a satin or silk sheet. Silk sheets can keep your beautiful blowout intact for the next day, saving time for that extra cup of coffee in the morning. Unlike cotton sheets, satin and silk keep your hair tangle free, which also means less time on the brush!

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