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Time-Saving, Quick Fix Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

junio 21, 2018 4 lectura mínima 1 Comentario

Time-Saving, Quick Fix Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Be #Instaready All Day With Boss Babe’s Quick-Thinking Tricks

Going from sleepy to ready in minutes comes down to your styling station supplies and how nimble you can be. Not only that, but you’ve constantly got to be ready for those in-between moments at work, the gym, and your final trek out to your happy hour dinner with friends, before finally heading home. The one thing that you can’t always cover up is your hairstyle, so we’ve got a few quick-thinking hair hacks that you can pull out of your Mary Poppins’ bag of tricks whenever you need them. At NuMe we’re all about helping confident, vivacious women get down to business while keeping up appearances with long-lasting styles and tricks in between style days. After reading through this list of creative hair hacks, get your vanity and your bag ready to keep your mane game strong.

Fast Five Waves

Benefits: Five to 10-minute style, smooth and shiny hair, and natural volume.

When you’ve only got a few minutes to get ready it’s time to find a quick solution for your bed head that’s suitable for the office. Before you start, take your favorite dry shampoo or sea salt texturizing spray and spritz your hair all over. To get beachy waves without using a curling wand, part your hair down the middle and take each half of your hair and twist. Then focus your ionic hair dryer to the twist in sweeping motions and at a lower heat setting until the section is dry. Release your hair from the twist, fluff and spray with your favorite finishing spray. Repeat on the other side for a fast look to trick them into thinking you spent an hour styling. If you have an extra minute or so, take an ionic round brush to your bangs and any side pieces.

What you’ll need: NuMe Fresh N’ Fab Dry Shampoo Aerosol, NuMe Signature Hair Dryer, a NuMe Ionic Round Brush, NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray.


Shoo, Flyaways! Don’t Bother Me!

Benefits: One-minute fix. Frizz-free style.

No matter what you do, those frizzy spots just won’t stand down. The best thing to do when your styling oil won’t work its magic on your flyaways is to grab an old makeup brush, Kabuki brushes and powder brushes are our favorites to use for this little trick and spritz it with a little finishing spray. Then lightly brush your roots with this finishing spray and see the magic unfold before your eyes. Frizz-free in a jiffy. Bye! This hair hack is also great for people with oily hair when applying styling oil only makes you feel super greasy. Try this instead and kill two birds with one stone.

What you’ll need: Kabuki or old powder makeup brush and NuMe Hair-Fie Ready Finishing Spray.

Flake-Free Is the Way to Be

Benefits: Five-minute mixture, five-minute wash. Shiny, smooth hair and reduced flakes.

After trying out every possible dandruff shampoo known to woman, dandruff and flaking on your clothes isn’t something you can see yourself dealing with for much longer. Dandruff shampoos don’t always help since they can often dry out your hair more than usual if you’re using them every day which actually causes more flaking to occur. Instead of looking to harsh hair products to solve your flaking skin issue try this bi-monthly cleansing hack to give your skin the right amount of moisture without over drying. Add an aspirin to a travel size shampoo twice a month and wash as usual. A component of Aspirin, salicylic acid, is an important ingredient used to calm dry, flaking skin. The trick to this is that you won’t need to do this more than twice a month.

What you’ll need: One or two Aspirin ground down into a powder, a travel bottle and some of your favorite NuMe White Truffle Shampoo.

Having a Dry Spell?

Benefits: Five-minute pre-treatment. Stronger, moisturized hair.

How many times have you heard that coconut oil is just the thing to moisturize not only your hair but dry skin and anything else you can think of that needs some TLC? You may already have a jar of coconut oil sitting in your pantry but before you use it, make sure you have the right hair type. It’s true; coconut oil is made of simple fats that break down and melt easily so it makes sense that applying it to your hair and scalp can help. Applying a coconut oil hair mask a few times a month is great for people with fine and medium hair types; pre-treating your locks with Argan oil or almond oil before you shower fares best for coarse hair. So quench not, experiment with different oils to see which works best for you. Save time and apply this DIY hair mask overnight using a shower cap and an old pillowcase, then rinse it out in the morning with shampoo.

What you’ll need: Unrefined coconut oil and a shower cap (optional). Try NuMe Argan Oil for coarse hair types.

Traffic, traffic. Looking for my chapstick.

Benefits: 30-second fix. Reduced frizz and a polished look. 

When you’ve painstakingly smoothed your hair before leaving for work, you notice a few stray flyaways poking up from your deep side part. No one likes flyaways, and most people don’t carry a bottle of Argan oil around with them everywhere they go. So when you’re in a pinch, grab your favorite colorless lip balm and have at it with your flyaways by applying some to the tips of your fingers and smoothing your hair at the root. Make sure you’re not using one that’s methylated because that might cause your scalp some irritation. Your handy lip moisturizer can do wonders for stray hairs especially those baby hairs that tend to show up near your temples on your best pony days.

What you’ll need: Your favorite lip balm at the ready. 

Now that we’ve shared some of our best-kept quick-fix secrets we'll help you find a new style when you follow us on IG @NuMeUSA or sign up for our newsletter at

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