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Dry Shampoo is Your New Best Friend: How to Make The Most of this Shower in a Bottle | Best Haircare 2019

marzo 13, 2019 3 lectura mínima

Dry Shampoo is Your New Best Friend: How to Make The Most of this Shower in a Bottle | Best Haircare 2019

Spring is upon us! The time when life begins anew. So why not hair, too? And what's the easiest way to give hair that new-new without all the work-work? Why, dry shampoo of course. In just a few shakes or sprays, your hair will look newer than a pair of Easter shoes. 


First things first, what is this wizardry known as dry shampoo?
Simply put, it's an oil-absorbing powder—ours is rice starch-based—that soaks up grease and dirt. It is designed to give you clean, volumized hair minus the fuss and "good oil"-stripping effects of traditional wet shampoos.


How do you use it?
Well, that part's easy. Simply divide your hair into sections, and if using a powder—like the NuMe Clean N' Mean — shake some of it on to your roots; if using an aerosol, spray a few inches away. Let it sit for 30 seconds before massaging it into your scalp to maximize its oil-absorbing capabilities. And that's it!


So why use it?
That's the big question—and there isn't just one right answer. There are so many benefits to dry shampoo that once you learn them all, you might wonder why it took you so long to get on the bandwagon. Let's explore a few of its big perks.


Saves Time


Dry shampoo cuts down on the often time-consuming task of washing your hair with traditional shampoo. For some, the process can be a big hassle every time it rolls around, while others may just find themselves in a time crunch and need to skip a few steps on their way out the door. In either case, dry shampoo—like our Fresh N' Fab Dry Shampoo Aerosol — is a fantastic time-saving alternative.




Dry shampoo actually helps your hair retain the good natural oils it needs that traditional shampoo often strips away. That squeaky clean that wet shampoo provides can sometimes dry hair out, and when you're washing every day, your hair is especially prone to feeling like straw. With dry shampoo, you're simply removing the oils from your scalp, not your hair, thus saving your strands in the long run.


Cuts Down on Heat Styling


Hair washing tends to be followed by hair drying, and unless you're letting Mother Nature take care of that, you're most likely going to be using a blowdryer. Between the tension and the heat your hair is subjected to from blow-drying, it may not always be the best choice for your locks, especially when used daily. Dry shampoo eliminates the use of water and thus the need for blow-drying afterward, giving your hair a vacay it will thank you for.




Another perk of dry shampoo is that it pumps up the volume. By absorbing the grease and oil that weigh hair down, dry shampoo frees your strands to live their best life, which means your style will be fuller, bigger, bouncier. Try our Dirty To Flirty Dry Shampoo Aerosol to take your hair from zero to a hundred in no time. It has the added bonus of natural extracts that will invigorate your scalp while revitalizing your hair.


Extends Styles


When you've done all the work of getting a bomb hairstyle, why ruin it a day later by sticking your head under running water? You gotta make it last! By using dry shampoo, you can keep your style looking fresh and stretch it out for a few more days thereby maximizing your head-turning quota.




Dry shampoo can also help you keep your hair color on lock. Whereas wet shampoo can cause the color to fade over time, dry shampoo does not. So that perfect shade you found that brings out your eyes and makes you feel like a million bucks doesn't have to disappear down your shower drain so quickly.


Nixes Odor


Whether you spent the previous night in a smoke-filled bar or the afternoon next to a barbecue pit, dry shampoo can knock that not-so-fresh smell right off your 'do. A champ at absorbing smells as much as dirt and oils, you won't have to worry about people thinking you slept in an ashtray. With the NuMe This Dry Shampoo Is Everything, you will get rid of everything that's keeping your style from looking and smelling 100.


So there you have it, keeping your always fresh and on-point isn't so hard after all! Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeHair or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


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Author: Kristin Tucker



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