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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Different Styles of Bangs and How to Wear Them

junio 20, 2018 5 lectura mínima

The Big Bang Theory: 5 Different Styles of Bangs and How to Wear Them

So, You’re Thinking About Bangs...

Zooey Deschanel inspired so many women to make the cut with cute, thick bangs. The combination of dark hair and shocking blue eyes did it for the New Girl so why wouldn’t it make the ‘It Girl’ in every woman shine? Deciding to go for the big chop is a tough one, and it may not work for everyone. But if you do decide that you can’t live without this look, we think it’s a trend you shouldn’t miss out on. Different styles of bangs work well for so many face shapes that the only key to having them and loving the way they look is to commit fully. Whether you have curly, straight or naturally wavy hair, there’s a style for you. There are, however, 5 different styles of bangs that can make this look work for you. And because we at NuMe love this style so much, we’re going to show you our favorite fringe benefits so you can find your first inspo bangs here and how to wear them. Bangs are like Pringles, once you chop the fun don’t stop.

Right Fringe for Your Face Shape

Bangs can be gorgeous and a built-in accessory when you’re someone who likes to keep it simple and go natural in the makeup department or would like to shave a few years off your looks. Based on their shape alone, bangs can also enhance your best qualities or play down some unfavorable aspects. We’ve gone through the list of our favorite different styles of bangs for certain face shapes with some bangin’ fringe and how to wear them.

Image Credit: Bella Hadid via HelloGiggles

Look One: Long Lash Grazing Bangs

Bella Hadid is the queen of successfully pulling off anything stylists try on her, no matter how off the wall. This cut works well for her face shape because she has a slightly softer jawline but high cheekbones which are enhanced by the long lash graze cut. These bangs do a few things for Bella, including bringing out her eyes and pulling in your focus from a longer neck. If you have this oval face shape and prefer a longer hairstyle, then look to long layers to offset the bluntness of the cut.


Look Two: Long Sweeping Bangs With a Center Part

This hairstyle is for any girl who wants to look like a princess in the making. In this look, Allison Pynn uses the NuMe 32mm Classic Curling Wand to create beautifully defined beach waves to add texture, volume, and dimension. We love this cute bang cut because they frame the face by adding balance. If you have round facial features, then this bang style will help reduce that appearance, especially around the cheeks. When you go in for this cut, make sure you ask for a few framing layers that begin just above your cheekbones and end past your jawline. These bangs are best for the oblong face shape since they can soften your features.


Look Three: Modified Bettie Paige Bangs

While traditional Bettie Paige bangs tend to curve up at the ends toward the hairline, these are a cute modified version that can show off the best angles of the face. This style is for heart-shaped faces which can benefit by shortening the length of the forehead where the top half of the face is longer. If you’re going for pinup inspiration, we recommend a vintage hairstyle to accompany these bangs, so you get the real Bettie Paige look. The NuMe Classic Curling Wand works for any hair length and texture to add glam curls that can be brushed out to soften the hairstyle.


Look Four: Short Blunt Bangs

Ina Cano looks beautiful with this long, sleek hairstyle paired with blunt bangs that stop a few centimeters above her browline; this cut isn’t for everyone but it’s perfect for soft angles, and as you can see, everything about this look is edgy. To get a look this precise -- once you’ve cut short, blunt bangs -- it’s all about the blowout. You’ll need to prep your hair with a blow dry cream and make sure to use a comb instead of a round brush. Lots of people make the mistake of rounding the bangs when drying and you don’t want to do that -- flat is best. We recommend NuMe Blah To Bouncy Blow Dry Cream since the formula hydrates and smoothes your strands, giving movement to the hairstyle.


Look Five: See-Through Bangs

This style fringe gives us major Ariana Grande vibes on Demy Lora. For a more youthful appearance on thin and longer faces, the wispy, see-through bangs help to add dimension and can be an excellent way to go for fine hair types. What we love about these bangs is that they’re relatively easy to style. Use velcro rollers or a ceramic round brush to set your bangs as you dry for a slightly curled and lifted look. The key to this bang cut is taking a long and thin layer from the middle of the hairline that spans the length of your brows. What’s great is they’re so light you can brush them back and pin them if you feel like changing it up for the day.

Give Bangs a Try, Here’s Why

As you become a seasoned bang-wearing chick, you can learn how to wear bangs and trim these babies yourself. The secret to that is taking advantage of the complimentary bang trims your stylist offers you. Oh, you didn’t know? Every time you get a haircut at any salon and have bangs added, the stylists will tell you to pop in for a trim. They know better than anyone that you’re going to need a trim a lot faster on your bangs than you will with the rest of your hair. So instead of allowing you to walk around looking like an Edward Scissorhands client, they would rather you went in for the free trim; remember, you are a reflection of their work so don’t worry about cashing in the offer. After you’ve gone a few times the odds are that you’ll know how to do it yourself and they can give you a few pointers if you ask nicely.

Bangs are making a comeback, and there are so many different ways to wear them. These are the different styles of bangs that we think will fit most face shapes, but there are more styles to address particular concerns and personal preferences. This year don’t be afraid to try something bold and let us know how it goes by tagging us on IG @NuMeStyle.

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