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May the Bass Be with You: How to Achieve Unique and Funky Hairstyles at Your Next Festival | New Hairstyle 2019

marzo 05, 2019 3 lectura mínima

May the Bass Be with You: How to Achieve Unique and Funky Hairstyles at Your Next Festival | New Hairstyle 2019

Photo Cedit: Alessandra Ambrosio; Kendall Jenner 

Dutch/French Braid Pigtails


The term "pigtails" might conjure visions of Pippi Longstocking. While that hair might also be festival appropriate (albeit hazardous to your fellow dancers), in this case, we're just referring to two side braids, ideally Dutch or French. Both types of braids involve starting with three sections of hair. In a Dutch braid, you pass the upper and lower strands under the center strand and with a French braid, you cross the upper and lower strands over the middle one. Of course, it's a little bit more complicated than that, which is why before you prep, if you're a braid newbie, we'd recommend checking out this tutorial for both types of braids by YouTube influencer, Bodmon Zaid. The Dutch braid definitely has more of a 3D quality, which is why it seems to be more of the go-to for stylish braids.


Bubble Ponytail


 This rave/festival hairstyle works really well if your hair is already pretty long and thick, but you could always add extensions if not. Or if your hair isn't thick, it's doable—the bubbles might just be smaller!

Canadian based blogger, Alex Gaboury, has an easy tutorial for the bubble pony starting with massive waves by the NuMe Titan 3-in-1 Curling Wand. Start with hair half up, half down. Then work your way in sections, slightly backcombing each bubble before securing with a clear elastic and using your index finger to hold the bubble and your thumb to "fluff" it out. Take a small section of hair from beneath the bubble to wrap around and cover the elastic.


Space Buns with Glitter


 Also known as "Miley buns," space buns are a fun and funky festival hairstyle. They're super easy to create and sure to keep you cool (both in style and temperature). The addition of glitter makes them even more, well, spacey. Vlogger Natalie-Tasha Thompson shows an easy technique for how to do twisted space buns with glitter added to the part toward the end of this YouTube video. Basically, after securing the buns with an elastic or pins (or both), you'll need some hairspray like our Freeze Please Finishing Hairspray. Spray it along the part and after spraying, add glitter—the amount is totally at your discretion, but if you're putting glitter in your hair and going to dance the night away, you might as well go big.




If complicated hairstyles aren't your jam (because you don't have the patience or the arm strength), you can always just add a dose (or several doses) of some festival-worthy colors to your locks. The NuMe Hair Chalk is easy to use, highly pigmented and budget friendly. Choose from orange, green, red peach, or all of the above.

There are also temporary dyes out there that can make your hair straight up glow in the dark. Honestly, what's the point of black light if your hair can't glow? Beauty vlogger and influencer Sophie Hannah shows how she used neon color in this post, and the result seems like it should be a requirement for festival admission.


Loose Waves with Braids 'n Hair Cuffs


Determined to still wear your hair down despite the excessive sweat potential? I respect that. Make waves with the NuMe Pentacle 2-in-1 Curling Wand and Deep Waver then braid a few tiny sections of hair all over your head. Then add some spice to the braids with some gold hair cuffs.


Short n' Funky Ponies


Sophie Hannah also has a really fun style for short-haired gals (involving lots of crisscrossed mini ponytails on the crown of the head) in this YouTube video. You'll need some tiny clear elastics and bobby pins. To get hair sleek straight for this look, use the NuMe Style Setter Hair Straightener to flat iron it first.


The Ultimate Rave Combo: Waves, Buns, Braids, Color, AND Glitter


You can combine all of the looks above to create an iconic 'do like or @miss_emmalouise. Chalk accordingly and make waves in the lower half section of hair with the NuMe Classic Curling Wand. Create braids on the crown that lead to two buns. Apply hairspray and glitter, then voila, you've nailed the ultimate look. 


The only other festival prep we recommend is lots of water and a fully charged smartphone. For more out of the box hair ideas, check out our Instagram @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


Looking for more hair inspos? Check it out here & here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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