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10 Chic Hair Accessories for Fall

junio 21, 2018 4 lectura mínima

10 Chic Hair Accessories for Fall

Hair Accessories to Make You Fall for Fall

When you’re in the mood to shake things up, accessorizing is the way to go. Just as it’s cooling down outside, you’re ready to turn up the heat with different fabrics, colors and styles. Who says your hair has to be boring just because it’s getting cold? We say now is the time to let your locks hang loose and go for glam. At NuMe, we encourage our friends and customers to look for inspiration from all the big fall events like NYFW and LAFW. And, take these inspirational ideas of chic fall hair accessories and make them your own. Here’s our list of the top 10 autumn hair accessories you’ll fall in love with this season.

Our Top 10 Fall Hair Accessories

Photo Credit: Jennifer Behr

1. Bows Before Bros

Ribbons, especially in velvet, are polished and sophisticated but never too girly. Dress up any ensemble with a bow. We can appreciate the random textures in fashion bows that offset the color scheme or pattern of the outfit. The more bold your bow, the bigger the statement. Some of our favorite ribbons and bow fabrics include satin, lace, taffeta and charmeuse. When adding your bow, try to place this chic hair accessory unexpectedly like at the top of your braid instead of the end or on the side of your head instead at the nape of your neck.

Photo Credit: Free People

2. Scrunch It Up

It’s a scrunchie, NOT pony holder. It’s okay. You can say it. Scrunchies have made a comeback and we’re not mad. Every girl you know has one laying around somewhere in their autumn hair accessories drawer or one that sits idle for the next face mask day. Some of our favorites are bedazzled or sequined scrunchies. Let some sparkle into your life and give an old fling a second chance. Healthy hair benefit alert! Scrunchies are kind to your hair since they don’t pull too hard so you can pull back your style without kinks!

Photo Credit: Elle UK, Paris Jackson

3. Make It Crystal Clear

The fall season makes us all feel like woodland creatures and this is one of the chic hair accessories that can draw the eye to your tousled waves or give a little color to single shade outfits. Not to mention that quartz are healing stones meant to cleanse your aura, fashionably of course. Lots of celebrities are sporting these bands with different quartz time such as rose quartz, crystal quartz and watermelon quartz to name a few. We guarantee you that these headbands are seasonally transitional and will last.

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

4. Ice, Ice, Baby

All we need to say here is sparkle. It’s crystal clear that these bobby pins are gorgeous and seriously change the hair game from fab to modern art. They’re not only beautifully done, but they speak volumes about your personality. Ashley Williams debuted these during fashion week and they were a smash with bold words -- girls, paradise, paranoia and anxiety. Say and wear what you feel with these hairpins with all the fashion and sass you can muster.

Photo Credit: @briciaemilyn

5. Chalk About It

You don’t have to be adventurous or commit to one color long-term when you use colored hair chalk. Award-winning NuMe Hair Chalk makes it possible for guys and gals to transform their hair from plain to punky in a few quick swipes. Hair chalk washes out after 24 hours so it’s perfect for anyone that wants new hair each day.

Photo Credit:

6. Scarved for Life

Almost like a flash from the past with this 50s-inspired headscarf, channel your inner Rosie and avoid styling on day two. A beautiful pattern combined with NuMe Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo Aerosol is your ticket to looking fly in minutes.

Photo Credit: Zimbio

7. Flower Power

We don’t mean Snapchat filters here, but fresh floral crowns when fall makes you feel earthy and connected to Mother Nature. You can add a hint of color to your fall wardrobe and give your friends a little history lesson when they ask. Floral crowns have been around since Ancient Greece and signified victory or respect to a higher power. So consider this your fashion victory and wear your proudly.

Photo Credit: Christian Siriano

8. Strung Out

Add texture with unexpected hair accessories like these copper wire add-ons seen on Christian Siriano models in the fall 2017 show. Copper, silver or gold wiring gives your hair a precious metals edge.

Photo Credit: Style Noted

9. Make It Pinteresting

Don’t get it twisted, but bobby pins should stand out this fall instead of pinning your hair discreetly. Fall fashion shows revealed this pin style by layering pin after pin to give a grunge-like and polished look. The best part about this new chic hair accessory is that all of your colorful bobbies are now ready for the spotlight.

Photo Credit: PopSugar

10. Get Sculpted

These bands are visual art and can enhance the texture of your updos. Keira Knightley shows off her floral luster with this rose pattern but you can look to geometric patterns to play up your look.

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