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It's Time to Level Up: Hairstyles From Iconic Female Comic Book Characters for National Comic Book Day

September 18, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
It's Time to Level Up: Hairstyles From Iconic Female Comic Book Characters for National Comic Book Day

In honor of National Comic Book Day, we’re celebrating the hairstyles of the most iconic female comic book characters. Honestly, we think part of what makes these superheroes so super is their ability to put those powers in action and maintain a gorgeous looking head of hair while doing it. These are some of our favorite lady comic book stars and tips for emulating their manes.


Wonder Woman

Part of DC Comics’ Justice League, Wonder Woman, was famously portrayed on screen by Lynda Carter and recently brought back to life by Gal Gadot. The signature tiara is often a part of her armor, but she’s usually got a flowing mane of dark curls to go with it. Get Wonder Woman worthy waves with our 32mm Classic Curling Wand.


Black Widow

Marvel Comics’ Black Widow, AKA Natasha Romanova, varies up her hairstyle depending on the adventure. It’s been mid-length and super curly, but also above-the-shoulders short with some coiffed curls. Scarlett Johansson has famously embodied Black Widow and her many ‘dos. If you’re rocking this shorter look with elegantly cropped curls, it will require some hold after styling. We suggest a hairspray like the NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray before engaging in any vigorous superhero activity.


Emma Frost

January Jones made an appearance as the famous member of Marvel Comics’ X-Men squad in the 2011 film, X-Men: First Class. Besides being known for her ability to take diamond form, Emma Frost is also famous for rocking a seriously impressive bouffant type hairstyle. To get Frost’s volume, we’d start with a good blowout with a round brush applying both our Blah to Bouncy Blow Dry Cream and Root Werk Root Lifter to dampen locks first. Plan to do some teasing to get even more height after the blow-dry. Pair the teasing comb with a hairspray like our Hottie Alert Shine Spray to hold the style and shine bright like a diamond.


Jean Grey

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner recently took a turn as Jean Grey, AKA the Dark Phoenix, of Marvel’s X-Men. Beyond her signature flaming red hue, Jean Grey is known for long, straight strands. Since she’s busy using her telepathy and telekinesis mutant powers, her hairstyle is pretty simple. Emulate the Jean Grey flow with the NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener and, if you’re using it often, protect strands before straightening with our Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant.



Actress Melissa Benoist is killing it as the DC Comics’ cousin of Superman, AKA Kara Zor-El, on The CW’s Supergirl series. She may be vulnerable to kryptonite, but that isn’t stopping the power of her flawless tresses. Supergirl’s hair is always gleaming and subtly curled at the ends. Get both of those superpowers with the NuMe Sleeky In A Bottle Serum and our Classic Curling Wand Reverse, which creates a fuller ringlet at the ends of strands.


Carol Danvers 

Part of Marvel Comics’ Avengers crew, Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel, is usually rocking a just-above-the-shoulders length mane. Brie Larson perfects the comic book legend with soft waves that frame the face, but appear to curl in the direction that’s away from the face. Aim to replicate that technique with your curling wand (wrapping sections away from the face) if you want to capture Carol’s vibes.


Here’s to powerful women and their powerful hair. Perhaps some of these styles will inspire your next costume this coming Halloween! For more hair inspo, follow us @NuMeHair on Instagram. Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events!


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