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Byeeee! Hair Dye. Hello, Temporary Hair Chalk.

June 21, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team
Byeeee! Hair Dye. Hello, Temporary Hair Chalk.

No commitment, just fun.

Everywhere you look, someone you know has changed their hairstyle or ditched their “normal” hair for some fun statement ‘do. Who doesn’t want cotton candy hair? Isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about it? But permanent changes like that are just not your thing, plus you have a job that won’t allow boldly colored hairstyles. What you need is something temporary to spruce up your tresses so you can try every color imaginable before committing to one hue or another. Well, look no further! NuMe Hair Chalk is your golden key to showing off your wild and funky side on the weekends without a trace of coloror regret!

How To Apply Hair Chalk

The directions on the package say to apply hair chalk on dry hair, but we’ve got a few additional ideas from our CEO herself, Sabrina Maren. Hair chalk application works best for those with lighter hair, but we suggest grabbing a spray bottle and filling it with water if you have dark hair such as deep browns and blacks. Chalking damp, dark hair helps bring out deeper pigment as the chalk clings to wet locks. Blondes and bleached babes, you can also spray your hair with water to extend the life of your chalked tresses. Temporary hair chalk for dark hair is hard to find but this chalk will work for any color provided you follow each step as recommended.

Before you start, Sabrina suggests wearing an old t-shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, drape a towel on the floor or sink to catch any fallout.

  1. Again you can apply temporary hair chalk to dry hair, but after spritzing the hair for darkly clad ladies and gents, take a section of the hair and twist. Doing this will allow you to maintain control of the section so you can apply hair chalk evenly.
  2. Using the ergonomic shape of the NuMe Hair Chalk container, place it in your palm. Starting at the midsection of the strand put your thumb against the twisted hair and press to the chalk pad.
  3. Then pull the chalk pad down the length of your hair. Avoid moving up and down at the same time to prevent frizz.
  4. After coloring each section of the hair, let your hair dry completely. Once hair is dry, set hair chalk with heat by styling with a NuMe curling wand or hair straightener.
  5. Lightly coat your hair with hairspray and you’re ready to hit the streets.


There are a few things to note about applying hair chalk too close to the scalp or on your scalp. Chalk is a dry packed powder and like dry shampoo powder, it can draw out the natural oils of your hair leaving the scalp dry. If your style calls for it, you can still apply close to your scalp but it may cause some discomfort so use this technique for short-lived styles.

4 Pinterest Worthy Ways to Spice Up Your Styles With Hair Chalk

The most amazing thing about hair chalk is that while it’s brightest on lightly colored hair, dark hair can benefit with a slightly different application technique. There are lots of fun ways to apply hair chalk that can whip ordinary hairstyles into creative looks that all of your friends will want.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

1. Instead of a plain fishtail braid or crowned wrap, apply a few different colors of hair chalk to dark or light hair and give your braid some flair. Try combinations like purple, blue and red orange for this braided color combo. Instead of applying one color to each strand of your hair, think big and apply multiple colors to one strand so as you braid, the colors will weave in and out of the tail.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2. Macaron hair is the new summer trend using pastel colors that resemble your favorite Parisian sweet treats. This look traditionally requires pastel hair dye, but you can easily achieve it with NuMe hair chalk.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

3. Instead of a simple bun at the top of your head, color the bottom layer of your hair and as you pull the hair up, surprise people with a pop of hair chalk colors.

Photo Credit: @michellehair

4. Space buns with hair chalk and add glitter. Space buns are worn at the top of your head so to get the look, part hair in the middle and pull hair into two high ponytails. Apply hair chalk color to select strands or as much of your hair as you want. Add some gel to the roots and apply any hair glitter.

When you have the itch to change up your hair, temporary hair chalk is the best way to do it. It also gives you a pretty good idea of what these colors will look like if you’re thinking of something more permanent. Halloween is just around the corner and instead of using colored sprays that make your hair stiff, clumpy and tangled, try hair chalk! It will give you a pro styled look.

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