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One of the biggest weddings this year or even the history just happened, and though millions of people tuned in to witness this romantic occasion, we can’t help but notice all the royal wedding bridal looks and hairstyles that everyone sported! Most of the female guests showed up with this extravagant and posh hats, pastel ensembles, and best behavior. Even though most of the guests wore their hair in super sleek and understated styles to put the focus on their headpieces, some of them paired their hair with classic yet youthful hairdos. Here are our top royal wedding bridal looks and hairstyles.



Meghan Markle

Of course, we can’t forget the bride! Meghan looks absolutely stunning with her sleek and sophisticated low bun. This royal wedding hairstyle is a staple for any bride because it puts the focus on the face and accessories without being too tight, stiff, and plain.

How to get the look:Prime Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask

Before going to a super important event, use a protein mask to hydrate your hair, add shine, and eliminate frizz.

Style Megastar X Hair Straightener

To get a super sleek look, carefully run the straightener throughout your hair to remove all unwanted texture.

Set - Freeze Please Finishing Spray

Seal in your polished hairstyle by lightly applying hairspray. You can also use your fingers to tame flyaways carefully.



Amal Clooney

The stunning Amal Clooney looked like a ray of sunshine with her vibrant outfit and makeup. We love how she paired her structured and refined outfit by rocking loose and relaxed waves. This royal wedding bridal hairstyle gives her whole look a more fresh and easy-going vibe while still being formal.

How to get the look:Prime - Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant

When using styling tools, it is always important to apply products that can protect your hair from heat damage.

Style - 32mm Precious Metals Curling Wand

Curl thin to medium sections of your hair to get a more effortless and relaxed look. Use alternating directions to add volume and dimension to your look.

Set - Not Your Basic End Sealer

Hydrate the tips of your hair to make the curls look more luscious and shiny.



Joss Stone

Singer-songwriter Joss Stone embraced the spring season by showing up with a floral dress and an airy statement hat. She balanced off the busyness of her outfit by finishing off this fun-yet-posh look with loose wispy waves.

How to get the look:

Prime - Root Werk Root Lifter

Instantly add volume to your look by applying a root lifter directly on your roots. Make sure to wait for a few seconds before massaging the product in to get maximum results.

Style Fashionista Hair Straightener

Use a straightener to create irregular waves to achieve a more natural and effortless look.

Set - Sleeky In A Bottle

Apply hair serum to the tips and midshaft of your hair to add shine, and combat frizz.




Priyanka Chopra looked like a goddess with her champagne dress, statement jewelry. We love how she rocked bouncy waves to make this look more glamorous and Old Hollywood-esque.

How to get the look:

Prime - Hi! And Dry Blow Dry Cream

Get maximum volume and bounce by applying a blow dry cream before styling your hair. This product also protects your hair against UVA and UVB rays.

Style Stealth Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer with a ceramic grill to get healthy-looking blowouts with less effort and styling time.

Set - Hottie Alert Shine Hairspray

Use a shine spray to add and lock in moisture to your hair while also adding shine, and preventing frizz.


Carey Mulligan

The beautiful Carey Mulligan ditched the standard statement hats and went for a more understated hair accessory paired with a relaxed updo. She also went for a more springy feel by leaving sections of hair to frame her face.

How to get the look:

Prime - Rise And Prime Hair Primer

You can use a hair primer before using heat styling tools to protect, nourish, and hydrate your hair.

Style 25mm Classic Curling Wand

Curl framing pieces away from your face for a soft, and dainty look.

Set - Hair-Fie Ready Finishing And Shine Spray

Seal in your updo and curls with a soft hold hairspray to preserve your hairstyle without weighing your hair down.


What’s incredible about these royal wedding bridal looks and hairstyles is that you can wear them to any formal events such as prom, weddings, and cocktail parties (no glam team needed)! Try this look out and don’t forget to Share your final looks with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.

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