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The Perfect Bangs for the Perfect Hairstyle: The Worth-It Trend of 2019

January 22, 2019 3 min read

The Perfect Bangs for the Perfect Hairstyle: The Worth-It Trend of 2019


Some things to consider before you go bang or go home...

Bangs are super high maintenance. Are you ready to make that kind of commitment? Prepare for mastering drying techniques and regular trims at the salon. And speaking of trims...

If you get bangs and after a week think, "Okay, this was fun but peace out, forehead fringe..." you better brace yourself. They can take two to three months to grow back out. It will involve patience, more patience and a lot of snap barrettes.

Curly hair isn't exempt from bangs! But go for the thicker, longer bang styles (more details below) and make sure you determine a length that's workable with your stylist.


Mod/Blunt Bangs


The mod or blunt bang is probably the first image that comes to mind when someone says bangs. Both Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift have sported these bangs. The hair usually hits just above the brow and the fringe is pretty full. Ideally, you should try to dry these right out of the shower, drying out excess wetness on low speed first. The NuMe Bold Hair Dryer is compact but powerful, so great for smaller sections of hair. Be sure to switch back and forth pretty regularly between both sides of your bangs as you do the initial dry. Pull out the longer side pieces of hair that frame the bangs and dry those at the same time. Beauty and lifestyle blogger Courtney Kerr has an excellent demo for drying mod bangs here.


Curtain Bangs



First popular in the 70s, curtain bangs have had a major resurgence this century. Jameela Jamil and Halle Berry know how to rock a great curtain, with the key feature being longer length bangs with a part down the middle. Curtain bangs definitely require a blowout, with some products that will help shape the part and train the bangs to stay that way. Prep the bangs with a small amount of serum (like the NuMe Sleeky in a Bottle) prior to drying and be sure to angle the round brush so the hair is turning away from your face as you dry to add more volume.


Wispy/Shaggy Bangs



These could also be called the "Almost Not Even Bangs" bangs. The main feature of the wispy bang is a lot more forehead visibility. Penelope Cruz might be the poster child. Perhaps the most low maintenance of bangs, these can also easily blend back into your hair on days when you're just not feeling it. They take less time to grow out too. Blow dry these bangs in a downward angle, section by section with the round brush under the hair. A dry shampoo like the NuMe Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo can help maintain a little volume at the roots.


Micro Bangs



The micro bang can be very chic and very edgy. According to Harper's Bazaar, "Micro bangs are essentially just wispy or blunt bangs that start a couple inches above your eyebrows. The cut is a little retro and very polarizing—you either love or loathe a baby bang." Emma Roberts sported a blunt, simple micro bang in early 2018, and Kaia Gerber was all business with a more asymmetrical, choppy micro bang on the runway last fall. Krysten Ritter could be dubbed Goddess of the Microbang. If you're going to go micro, the NuMe Technique Slim Straightener is an essential tool, in addition to our Hair-Fie Ready Finishing and Shine Hairspray to set the look.


Side Swept Bangs AKA The Swoop



The side swipe bang is relatively fuss-free and great for shorter styles. Apply a volumizing mousse or cream like Blah to Bouncy Blow Dry Cream to the hair on the crown and behind the bangs. (It's better for the actual bangs to have less volume so they can lay flatter against your head.) Use the round brush to pull the hair upward and away from your face with the dryer pointed up. Make sure it's a round brush with good grip, per side bangs expert and beauty YouTuber, Dominique Sachse.


The looks for bangs are limitless if you're willing to do the upkeep. Be sure to follow our Instagram @NuMeHair to get plenty of #hairspiration for bangs and beyond or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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