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Pineapple Express Your Way to Perfect Hair

June 21, 2018 4 min read

Pineapple Express Your Way to Perfect Hair

Photo Credit: Rihanna from and Pinterest

The Late Night Hair Trick That Says, “I Woke Up Like This.”

You’ve seen this high ponytail on top celebrities like Rihanna, but it’s more than just a day look. The hair trick called ‘Pineappling,’ will give you a lot more extra time in the AM. Instead of working tirelessly with way too much product to salvage your sexy hair from the night before, just practice your best hair pineapple, and you’re good to add twenty extra minutes or so to your alarm clock.

There are, of course, a couple of trade secrets to help you balance product and set your hair the night before for a successful Pineappling. We’ll talk about a few tips we heard through the grapevine about Pineappling for overnight curly hair, straight locks and wavy styles. No joke. With NuMe, we’ve got you covered in the style department because no one wants to spend hours on a hairstyle just to have it vanish before the day is done. You’re not Cinderella, so let your beauty linger just a little bit longer. And yeah, if you’ve got the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song stuck in your head so do we. Ugh.

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Creating the Pineapple Before Bed

To create your best version of this fruit-inspired hack to perfect second day strands, just take all of your hair and pull it as far up as you can into a crazy high ponytail; the highest your ponytail can go, at the crown of your hair and toward your hairline is best. For short hair, take your ponytail to the same location but let the hair at the back fall where it will. Once the top portion of your hair is secure in a loose bun or twist, then come back to the back section and pull that into an additional loose elastic or pin the loose sections up in place.

The key to this hair trick is to hold your locks loosely in this high ponytail, so you don’t get a crease which many girls find difficult, especially if you have fine hair. There are a few accessories that can help you get the best hold on your hair without pulling too tightly. Try spiraled hair ties that come in a long string that you can bring together around your ponytail instead of pulling your hair through a ponytail holder. Another one we love here are the knotted-tie hair bands which are super soft on hold so there’s no pulling or creases involved.

In addition to the way you do this, you’ll want to get a frizz-free finish which is often tough if you’re sleeping on anything but a silk pillowcase. We know it sounds a smidge fancy, but you’ll see amazing results when your tresses are soft and smooth with less effort. If you style daily and your hair falls on the dry side, taking a drop of NuMe White Truffle Repair Serum and rubbing it in your hands before applying sparingly to the ends of your hair will refresh your look. Just don’t put too much product in because you may look greasy and that’s not what you want.

Photo Credit: Brit + Co and

Who is Pineappling for?

Traditionally, this sleepover hair hack is for curly and wavy haired women with long hair. But we’ve tried this look on straight hair too and it can hold its own for any look. You may only need to do a few little touch-ups if you have bangs or some signature accent braid. Long haired ladies can pull their locks all the way up to the hairline to set delicately. Short haired chicks can achieve the same result too by sectioning the hair as described above. But don’t think that this hair trick is exclusive to one hair type or another, we believe in reworking any hair hack so that it works just for you.

Recently the editors from Brit + Co tried this out, and it works for every hair type on their team as well. Whether you’re the type to sleep on your back, a side or tummy sleeper, the results are the same when your hair sits that far forward on your hairline. To perk up your results, just spritz on some NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Spray.

Whenever you need some extra time in bed after an all-nighter, or just need to cuddle a bit longer on a rainy day, this is the simplest hack. Just pull out your loosely set hair tie, scrunchie or ribbon after you wash your face and go. Who knows, you may even like the look of this pineapple ponytail to just wear it out. So pin it up with some NuMe Bobby Pins and add set with NuMe Hair-Fie Ready Finishing Spray.

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