New Year, NuMe: Get Your Passports Ready - The Latest Hair Trends Around the Globe

January 02, 2019 3 min read

New Year, NuMe: Get Your Passports Ready - The Latest Hair Trends Around the Globe



It's clear that German ladies aren't afraid to go short. Blunt blobs are popular and pixie cuts reign supreme. The hair reporters at Refinery 29 define the bob trend in Germany as, "one-length blunt bob with an undercut and/or fringe." And according to a report from Allure, Pinterest searches there for chic pixie cuts were up 266% in 2018.




South Africans are all about embracing their natural texture—and maximizing it. South African stylist Pekela Riley told Refinery 29, "I'm seeing a lot of women in South Africa creatively exploring shapes and techniques to stretch their natural hair." When it comes to hair, I say the bigger, the better. There are plenty of examples of South African women looking amazing, and loving their natural hair on the South African Girls Killing It Instagram.




Side buns and blunt bobs sum up the Brits' hair preferences as we start 2019. Many attribute the messy low bun craze in particular to Meghan Markle's newly acquired citizenship (French women are loving it too). Glamour UK confirms though, side buns were the most pinned hair trend in the UK last year. Bun or bob, be sure to keep either 'do in place and gleaming with our Hottie Alert Shine Spray.




According to Refinery 29, the "Layered Cut Perm or 'Ley Perm" is what many South Korean gals are demanding. It's described as, "Hair permed in the very loosest of waves, then cut in layers that fall softly around the face and neck." Add some bangs and it's dubbed the "wolf cut," which has had many reincarnations the past decade. Either way, it's all about volume, which you can get more of with our Root Werk Root Lifter.




While New Yorkers are loving braids, West Coasters are still loving the "glass hair" (shout out, Kim Kardashian). And according to ghd Ambassador Zoe Irwin in ELLE UK, the shine-brighter-than-a-diamond look isn't going away any time soon. "The aim is for your hair to be as blinding as your highlighter," she says. A glossing serum like the NuMe Sleeky In A Bottle and a high quality flat iron like the NuMe Empress Hair Straightener are musts for achieving the glass look.




Often referred to as open bangs or curtain bangs, Argentinian women want flequillo abierto, and they want it now. Per Allure, "Pinterest found that there was a rise in search for flequillo abierto— or open bangs (up 150 percent). Tapered edges gently fade into the longer strands, opening at the center, and framing the face." Great bangs and the hair that surround them call for a great dryer. The NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer is a win-win if you want a great blowout in a short amount of time.




Indian women naturally have lustrous, thick hair so it's no shock that they're known for liking it long and voluminous with loose curls or waves. Search any Pinterest board of Indian women wedding looks if you really want to get creative. The NuMe Precious Metals Curling Wand with a 32mm barrel is an Indian girl's dream tool.


Going abroad this year? Our Jet Setter Pro travel set is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh while still letting you pack light for your travels. Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeHair or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers. Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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