Lady Gaga + Rihanna Inspired 2018 Hairstyles at the Grammys

June 21, 2018 5 min read

Lady Gaga + Rihanna Inspired 2018 Hairstyles at the Grammys

Photo Credits: Left, Rihanna in Vogue. Right, Lady Gaga from

Most Creative Hairstyle Award Goes to…

All the big names in the music industry gathered to celebrate their art and recognize each other’s hard work. But let’s be real, we watched it to see their red carpet looks. We saw every glimpse of what 2018 has in store for style from makeup and hair, to over-the-top fashions and more. We obviously focused on their mane game since no look is complete without an amazing ‘do!

For us, while everyone looked amazing and some celebs completely changed their signature styles, singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga inspired the whole of 2018 hairstyles at the Grammys. We’ll share a few style tips on how to get these hairstyles at home and what these bold moves mean for women everywhere in the world. So sit back and read on, because we’re like Blue Ivy Carter here on this one -- Grammy style deserves your full attention.

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Lady Gaga Goes Victorian Gothic-Couture

For Lady Gaga or Gagalupe as some call her, we expect the fantastic and strange. Lady Gaga and stylist Frederic Aspiras worked hard to create a look that fully encompassed classic styles of the Victorian Era with modern accessorizing. What most don’t see in the background, before these looks have sashayed across the red carpet, is the detail and planning that goes into it. Hairstylists are artists, and these celebrities are the canvas on which they work.

The platinum blonde Joanne/Gaga chose an over-the-top lace ensemble by Armani paired with a dramatic detachable skirt with high slit. The hairstyle for Aspiras took some time to draw out and discuss, and of course, they settle on a corset-like laced and braided hairstyle to finish off Gaga’s signature extravagance. For so many women at the Grammys, this is a symbol of what it was like for women on the verge of breaking the glass ceiling and winning the right to vote. Tear off those corsets and get ready for the change girls.

How to Recreate This Gaga Grammys Hairstyle

What You’ll Need:

  • A volumizing mousse or root lifter
  • Finishing spray
  • Lace string or anything material, easily woven through the hair
  • Clear elastics
  • Comb

Spray the hair all over with the root lifting spray or apply mousse. Start by creating a deep side part with a fine comb at the top of your head and make two separate fishtail braids around both sides of the hairline down around by your ears. A middle part that travels down the back of the head is not necessary because a straight down back is what you’ll need to thread the fabric across.

Leave the ends of your fishtail braids free and tie them each with an elastic (you’ll need to join the ends later). Thread your chosen fabric through the top-most section of the braids like reverse shoelaces until you’ve reached the ends of the braided sections. Take the ends of your separate braids and begin braiding them together, careful to conceal the fabric string. Tie the now single fishtail together with a clear elastic. Bam! It’s tough, but fun and gorgeous. Way to go, Lady Gaga!

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Rihanna Welcomes All-Natural Curls With Gorgeous Volume

Since Rihanna skipped out on the red carpet for the 2018 Grammys, we’ll go ahead and leave her gorgeous, wild mane for last but never least. We’re always thirsting for more when it comes to Rhi Rhi’s style. This performance topped everything in a dreamy world of color. Rihanna performed the song “Wild Thoughts,” in bright tropical hues and wavy, curly hair all topped with a custom floral hairpiece. Disco Queens everywhere are shouting for a revival, because this look, created by Rhi’s stylist Yusef Williams, is inspired by the Great Diana Ross.

And oh, don’t we love to love you, girl. Diana Ross is a powerful woman who broke through the most restrictions in both music and gender roles. This inspired hairstyle for Rihanna is freeing and shows all women out there that they too can brandish the natural curls they have, proudly. With volume like that, you know she’s a badass as soon as she steps out onto the stage. Wise choice on skipping the red carpet, Rihanna, this ensemble and beautiful production was worth the wait.

How to Get This Hot Rihanna Grammy Hairstyle

What You’ll Need:

    • Serum
    • NuMe Rise And Prime Hair Primer
    • Curling wand
    • Wide-toothed comb
    • Favorite hair accessory
    • Ionic hair dryer

Natural curls don’t come without preparation of course, and this hairstyle required lots of planning with a special hair care cocktail to tame and shape the look. Years of heat styling can cause your curls to lose their shape, but with the right products you can moisturize and reduce frizz. It all starts before your blowout and in this case, Williams used serum and primer to control the shape of Rihanna's hairstyle before applying heat. An oil-based serum such as Argan Oil will allow the hair to dry faster and a primer will protect and balance the hair’s natural pH.

For this hairstyle, Williams used loose waves and glam curls to form the base shape of the hair. We recommend a NuMe 3-in-1 Titan 3 which includes all three sizes of curling wands (19mm, 25mm, and 32mm) you need to achieve the dimension and body Rihanna has; adding alternating layers with differently sized curls is a great way to do it. All you need to do afterward is allow the curls to set for about 20 seconds, then brush them out, and add your favorite hair accessory.

It’s About More Than Beauty + Fashion; It’s About the Female Revolution

These women inspired much more than just hairstyles this year at the Grammys. More women spoke up and stepped up than ever before at the biggest music award show. While beauty and fashion represent the larger argument of women’s rights, the words and actions of female artists paved the way for a revolution that’s been brewing for decades.

Women are not only looking beautiful and running the show with talent and grace, but they’re taking over in business. Hairstyles are just one of the ways we decide that we want to be noticed and show our power as women. Get inspired by these 2018 hairstyles, supporting one another in any way you can. For us, it’s all about great hair and confidence!

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