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Tricks for Treats: Top 5 Halloween Hairstyles to Match Your Epic Costume | Best Hair Tools 2019

September 26, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
Tricks for Treats: Top 5 Halloween Hairstyles to Match Your Epic Costume | Best Hair Tools 2019

Princess Jasmine: Bubble Braid

Princess Jasmine

One of this year’s biggest hits was the live-action remake of the popular Disney cartoon Aladdin. Therefore, it’s safe to say that elaborate Arabian princess costumes are fair game for Halloween. Jasmine has lots of hairstyles, but the bubble braid adorned with gold cuffs is a safe bet. For princess-level shine, use a drop or two of our before styling.


Khaleesi: Braids and Loose Curls

Khaleesi Hair

We expect plenty of creative Game of Thrones costumes this year in honor of the show’s final season. If you’re gunning to dress up like the Mother of Dragons, you’ve got options. Her hair has had many styles throughout the course of the series. The most common look seems to be elaborate braids and long, loose curls. Hair blogger Stella Cini, created a tutorial for some of the braided styles here. To get those Daenerys Targaryen ringlets, we’d go with a powerful tool like our Magic Curling Wand made with a titanium barrel. Keep braids and curls locked in for dragon riding with our Freeze Please Finishing Hairspray.


Hermione Granger: Textured Waves

Hermione from Harry Potter has had many hair evolutions throughout the books/films. Her mane includes a ton of texture. Sometimes her hair is smooth at the top with ringlets at the bottom. This look is easily achieved with our Classic Curling Wand Reverse. For Hermione’s messier years, we’d suggest braiding hair into small sections, then fashioning a crimped look by clamping braids with a flat iron like our Fashionista Hair Straightener before taking them out. Repping Hermione’s bang days? Hide any grease lingering around your fringe with the NuMe Clean N’ Mean Dry Shampoo Powder.


Sandy Olsson: Massive Curls

The classic, go-to Sandy from Grease costume (executed perfectly by Gigi Hadid a few years back) is her final “I am going to convince Danny how fearless I am” carnival outfit. You know the one—black, skin-tight cigarette pants, red heels, and a massive head of curls. Vlogger Kayley Melissa demonstrates in this video to tease your hair, create a deep side part, and bust out the smallest barrel curling wand you have. We’d use the 13mm barrel from our NuMe Octowand 8-in-1 set. You’ll also need bobby pins and a texturizing agent like our Root Werk Root Lifter.


Robin Buckley: Chic, Short Beach Waves

We predict there will be a lot of “Scoops Ahoy” worker costumes this Halloween due to the popularity of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Actress Maya Hawke showcases the perfect, subtle beach wave with this character, and pulls it off effortlessly with a blunt lob haircut. Since these waves are super sparse and subtle, we’d suggest creating them with our Megastar Hair Straightener or using a larger size barrel curling wand. 


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