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5 Female Style Icons That Have Inspired Our Next Memorable 'Do

May 20, 2019 | Posted by NuMe Team
5 Female Style Icons That Have Inspired Our Next Memorable 'Do


Cher has been entertaining the world since 1965. Believe it or not, she turned 74 this year (insert eye bugging emoji). While her hair—which has always been naturally thick and lustrous, and iconic in its own right—has had many incarnations over the years, from super kinky to super spikey, the recurring staple has been long and straight, usually with a middle part.

The best tools to have in your arsenal for similarly thick or coarse hair that's gunning for a Cher-esque look would be a powerful blow dryer like our NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer and a straightener that goes above and beyond such as our Megastar Hair Straightener with tourmaline ceramic plates. Want to add texture like you're shooting the "Do You Believe in Life After Love?" music video? Create subtle curls with the NuMe Magic Curling Wand then run your fingers through or gently brush.


Fran Drescher


Fran Drescher might be famous for her unique voice and comedy chops, but her hair is pretty incredible too, especially during her days on The Nanny. It was voluminous, born-and-raised-in-Queens curly and sky high. Seriously, go back and look at old episode clips to check out that hair—it's impressive.

To get hair that big, definitely start by applying a root lifter along the lines of our Root Werk Root Lifter directly on your scalp (sprayed two to four inches away) while your strands are still wet. Then flip your head over and rake your fingers through to separate the strands, and apply an additional volumizing but moisturizing product such as the NuMe Hi! And Dry Blow Dry Cream to the rest of your hair, then use a diffuser attachment and dry hair at a low-speed setting. After you finish curling, tousle your hair with your fingers. If you want Fran-level volume, use some hair spray and some backcombing (teasing but only in one direction) under the top sections of hair.


Audrey Hepburn


If there was ever anyone who owned micro bangs, it was Audrey Hepburn. And giant posters of her Breakfast at Tiffany's updo adorns the bedrooms of generation after generation of young women. Audrey Hepburn's style was the epitome of class and grace, and her hair was as unforgettable as her acting roles.

To capture Hepburn's style, we'd recommend a smoothing agent like our Sleeky In A Bottle Serum applied to wet or dry hair. You'll also need a thermal heat protectant like our Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant, some hairspray such as the NuMe Hair-Ready and a curling wand. This simple guide gives you a step by step for creating the Tiffany's 'do that made Hepburn famous. If you're going for serious authenticity, a tiara might be in order as well. For even more ideas for Hepburn looks, check out this tutorial by YouTuber Loepsie.


Sophia Loren


Timeless stunner Sophia Loren was known for her impeccable cat eye, and her jaw-dropping waves, with both long and short cuts. Beauty influencer Angelina Badalyan has a video for how to get Loren's shorter look by teasing the top half and curling the bottom half.

Not unlike our recs for achieving Cher-hair, we'd recommend starting with a root lifter then doing a blow out using a round brush. Then divide hair into top and bottom sections, and use a curling wand such as the NuMe Classic Curling Wand with a 32 mm barrel and curl sections of the hair away from your face with the wand upside down. Another option would be some old school velcro rollers to set the waves.


Julia Roberts


America's fave actress, Julia Roberts' hair, deserves its own Oscar, for real. Her mane has always been fabulous, but her recent honey colored 'lob cut is perfection. While her early acting years showcased a massive head of curls, the past few decades she's rocked the modern, beach-wave chic look like no other. Roberts is an excellent example of how you to create fresh looking waves with a straightener, similar to how hair vlogger Chloe Brown does in this tutorial. Be sure to use our Watch Me Werk Thermal Heat Protectant spray before using any heat styling tools if you want to keep that hair lookin' as healthy as Julia's.


The hair on these beauties stands the test of time. Thanks to the Internet and some high-quality hair care, we can keep their legacies alive. For more style inspiration and product recommendations, be sure to follow our Instagram @NuMeStyle. Sign up for our NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program to earn points so that you'll be on your way to achieving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events!


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Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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