35 Great Hairstyles for 2020

July 09, 2020 6 min read 2 Comments

35 Great Hairstyles for 2020

Are you tired of the same old, same old? A new hairstyle can be a great way to help you break out of a rut. It will show your features in a whole new light while adding an overall edgy sense of fashion to your look.

But with so many hairstyles out there, finding the right one isn’t easy. Well, we have compiled some trendy hairstyles that are sure to inspire you. Browse through to find your favorite.


1. Triangle Cut

The triangle cut starts full on top and comes in to taper around the neck. It’s a very old Hollywood glamour style. This is a great option for curly hair. Straight-haired women can add a few waves to give hair that timeless appearance.

2. Mermaid Shag

The mermaid shag is a shag cut for long locks. It consists of long layers and bangs which creates a whimsical, fun look.

To maintain this wispy style, a blowdryer and round brush will be your best friend. Our Blowout Boutique has everything you need to achieve this look!

3. Curly Layers 

Layering curly hair provides a soft look that works to taper hair and keep it from looking puffy or frizzy. Naturally curly hair needs a lot of moisture, add that extra hydration and nourishment by using NuMe's deep conditioning Vegan Tourmaline Hair Mask1 to 2 times a week. 

4. Tapered Cut

The tapered cut is another look that works well with curly hair. Create the look by adding some length on the top and then taper it in to become boy-short at the bottom.

5. Curly Bangs 

Curly bangs are the perfect thing for the rounded fro and other curly, layered looks. They make for the perfect face-framing mane with style.

6. 90’s Chop

Following a decade of hairspray and over-styling, I think a lot of people were ready for the 90’s chop. Short and easy, this looks as if the hair was chopped off to appear easy and unstyled. People who are looking for a low maintenance cut should consider bringing this one into 2020.

7. Invisible Layers

While choppy layers can add dimension to hair, subtle thin layers can add volume in a way that is much more subtle. To achieve this look, start cutting at an angle around the chin and work your way down.

8. Cropped Cut 

This short, to-the-head hairstyle requires that hair be less than an inch long. It’s great for people who are transitioning from processed to natural hair. It provides an air of edgy sophistication that is sure to garner a second glance.

9. Chandelier Bags 

Chandelier Bangs

Add bangs to this long layered cut to get a tiered look. The first layer is the bangs themselves. Cut another layer in around the chin and add a few more at the bottom of the hair for a classic style that is both voluminous and sexy.

10. One Length

This style is simple but strong. This style works with any length of hair; the only prerequisite is that it be cut straight at the bottom. No layers, no bangs, just a simple classic look.

11. Rounded Fro 

Tracey Ellis Ross may be single-handedly congratulated for bringing this vintage look back. Working well with super curly hair, this is a layered look that works perfectly to tame that frizz and shape, while letting those curls run wild.

12. Modern Shag 

Short straight bangs take the shag into the modern era. The best part? This style looks great on all hair lengths.

13. The Rachel

The look that defined the 90’s is back! This layered, curled undercut is timeless. When a modern flair is added, you may be surprised to find how well it works with today’s fashions.

14. 70’s Bangs

This throwback look consists of long curtain bangs that work well with long layered hair for a simple, yet rocker look.

15. Ear Length Pixies 

If you want to add a little length to your pixie cut, let it grow out a bit. This will provide a look that teeters between a pixie and a short asymmetrical bob. 

Use our Megastar Hair Straightener to get the look.

16. Curly Thick Layers

If you have curly hair, layers will be perfect for making hair look tapered and not puffy. Shoulder-length hair that is cut thin towards the shoulders will work to maintain a neat, frizz-free look.

Keep those locks hydrated with the White Truffle Shampoo + Conditioner Duo, this line will help you gently cleanse while providing your hair with deeply nourishing your hair.  

17. Short Pixie 

Pixies can have a long-banged, shaggy look. However, shorter pixies have short bangs and a neater all-over look. They are very high fashion and are a great complement for delicate features.

18. Shoulder Length Layers 

Layers can work well with any length of hair. If you have shoulder-length hair, add layers throughout to give it a sexy, tousled appearance.

19. Straight Mob

We’ve talked about the lob and we’ve talked about the bob. Now here comes the mob. The mob is typically right near shoulder-length and it works when hair is curly or straight.

20. Angled Bob

An asymmetrical bob is a fashion statement that isn’t going anywhere. Shorter in the back and longer in the front, a warm hair color that fades into an ombre look will give this hairstyle the biggest impact.

21. Traditional Layers

This cut typically has layers starting around chin length and a few more flowing to the bottom. It works well with blondes and dark-haired women alike.

22. Combover Haircut

No, we are not referring to the style so many men adopt when they are losing their hair! Rather this refers to a cut that is almost shaved on the sides and has some length on the top. It makes for a great edgy look.

23. The Pixie

The classic pixie has some length in the front as well as the back. While the back does not have a significant amount of length, it usually comes a few inches below the nape of the neck. This is what differentiates it from an undercut pixie style.

24. Chest Length Wavy Haircut

This is a nod to a classic long-haired look that will never go out of style. The chest-length is perfect for both waves and bangs.

Having healthy hair is super important if you are trying to maintain length. Be sure to keep hair nourished, we'd recommend using the Vegan Tourmaline Hair Care Set, complete with Tourmaline Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask. This hair care line is infused with tourmaline, vitamins, amino, acids, and nourishing oils!

25. Textured Cut with a Fringe

We often think of textured cuts as going with swoopy side bangs or thin-curtain bangs, but adding a fringe can take it to a whole other level. The choppy bottom is matched with neat straight bangs to make for a look that will turn heads wherever you go.

26. Long Textured Haircut 

This one is great for medium-length hair. A few inches below the shoulders is an ideal length for a heavily textured look that’s edgy, sexy and really delivers the wow factor.

27. Curly Crop 

Who says you can’t wear curly hair short? Leave some length on the top and cut your hair in at the neck to make for a playful look that’s easy to manage.

28. Ear-Length Cut

This look is sleek, professional with an alternative twist at the same time. Cut stick-straight at the ear, this style is great for rocking a punk look, while also working well with a suit and tie.

29. Undercut Pixie Cuts 

Undercuts are huge this year. These are cuts that are boy-short at the bottom and have a bit of length on the top. A messy over one eye look will provide a pixie cut that complements the super-short look perfectly.

30. Two-Tone Messy Bob 

Shaggy bobs are all the rage. When you add darker and lighter highlights, it really brings out the texture. A side part will be perfect for bringing out this messy-but-cool look.

31. Middle-Length Haircuts

Bobs seem to be taking over but there are still plenty of styles for ladies who love long-haired looks. A few inches below the shoulders is a great length. It is not overwhelmingly long but still gives you a bit to play with. Layer it, U-shape it or shag it to get the style you’re looking for.

32. Pixie Bob

The pixie look can be easily achieved by cutting straight bangs that hang over one side of the face. While this will work with short hair, an angled bob is also perfect for providing that wedge look.

33. Textured Haircut

A textured haircut requires working with layers to provide the look of longer and shorter pieces. This type of cut works well with a bob, but it can be used to add volume and sass to any kind of hairstyle.

34. French Bob 

Giving your bob a European look is simple; just add bangs. Bangs will work well with angled bobs or straight bobs. It also works great on bobs of all lengths. Get this ‘do and everyone will be saying “Oui, oui madame!”

Achieve that signature sleek French bob with the Megastar Straightener and finish the look with a touch of Sleeky In A Bottle Serum.

35. Tousled Lob

Bobs are the height of elegance and sophistication, but when they grow out a few inches, they can have an edgier effect. Let your bob grow out into a lob and then tousle it to get that super-sexy look will be sure to turn heads.


With so many new and exciting hairstylesthis year, which do you think is the best for you and your look?

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Sami Tayyab
Sami Tayyab

May 12, 2022

Wow amazing short pixie cuts. I really like it


August 13, 2021

31 photos….where are the other 20?

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