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Wipe Right! How to Clean Styling Tools

July 31, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team
Wipe Right! How to Clean Styling Tools

Debris-Free Stylers Work Better + Last Longer

Wonder why your blowouts aren’t as bouncy as they used to be? Why your straightener seems to drag? Why your hair clings to your curling wand as you untwirl each curl?

Perhaps it’s because you haven’t cleaned your heat styling tools in a few weeks? Months? Ever?

Top-quality styling tools are an investment, so it’s important to give them a good wipe-down every now and then to be sure they’re free of dirt, dust, bacteria and product buildup. If you invest the time and effort to take proper care of them, they’ll be safer, perform better and last years longer. It’s worth it to keep them in tip-top shape. Besides, dust-clogged dryers, unsanitary straighteners, and contaminated curling wands can wreak havoc on your hair.

Grime Doesn’t Pay

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, a warning: NEVER IMMERSE A HEAT STYLING TOOL IN LIQUID! Got that? We repeat: NEVER IMMERSE A HEAT STYLING TOOL IN LIQUID… EVER! If your heat styling tool happens to come in contact with liquid, it’s toast — literally. Never plug it in again. Scrap it and get a new one. (A word about the NuMe product guarantee: Our one-year limited warranty covers defects due to manufacturing only, not user error, so if you drop your tool in the bathtub, you’re SOL.)

Hold the Alcohol

You may have heard that you should use rubbing alcohol or detergent to clean a hair straightener or curling wand. But for NuMe heat styling tools, the best cleaning method is simply wiping with a multitasking NuMe Microfiber Hair Wrap or a plain old cotton ball — no chemicals, no soap, not even water. This works best if you do it while tools are still warm — not hot — which softens dirt and makes it easier to remove.

One of the benefits of NuMe styling tools is that they have a protective matte coating on the outside called “soft touch.” Its luxurious, velvety texture feels good in your hand, provides a comfortable grip and cleans easily. Regularly wiping this surface with alcohol or other chemicals removes the coating, ruins the finish and causes the tool to deteriorate over time. It’s OK to swab straightener plates or a curling wand barrel with alcohol as a last resort once in a while — if they’re particularly grubby. But with routine microfiber or cotton ball cleaning after each use (“after each use” being the operative phrase), there’s no need to bring out the heavy artillery.

Deep-Six Dryer Dirt

The dust, lint, and hair that accumulate in your hair dryer can clog the filter, block air flow and ultimately cause permanent damage to your dryer if not cleaned out regularly — and blow back on your hair. Ick. Dirty filters are the main reason dryers bite the dust before their time. Depending on how often you blow dry, clean the filter every month or so.

Clog-clearing tips:

  1. Always unplug your hair dryer before removing the protective grill.
  2. Unscrew the grill from the back and, to quote Taylor Swift, shake it off. Blow away dust and lint, then use a dry toothbrush and/or pipe cleaner to remove any leftover debris.
  3. Wipe the nozzle, body, and around the on/off switch and indicator lights to remove any product residue.
  4. Replace the grill, plug in and turn on for a few seconds to blow out any pesky particles that might still be lurking inside.
  5. Enjoy those full blasts of hot air that lead to bouncy blowouts!

Banish Straightener Buildup

Failing to de-gunk straightener plates from the ghost of dried styling products past can result in diminished tool performance, burned hair and split ends. That’s why a good wiping after each use is advised. This way, grime doesn’t have a chance to collect, harden and become more difficult to remove.

To get rid of straightener residue:

  1. Always unplug your hair straightener before cleaning.
  2. While the plates are still warm, wipe them and the body of the straightener with the above- mentioned microfiber hair wrap or cotton ball.
  3. Use a pipe cleaner or dry cotton swab to clean the schmutz from the tiny crevices around the plates, the on/off switch and indicator lights.

Curling Wand Cleanup

Any crud clinging to the barrel of your curling wand acts as a barrier between you and the polished curls and waves you crave. Ensure the superior performance of your NuMe curling wand by whisking away residue after each use.

How to clean your curling wand:

  1. Always unplug your curling wand before cleaning.
  2. While the barrel is still warm, remove all traces of dirt and residue from it and the base using your trusty microfiber hair wrap or a cotton ball.
  3. With a pipe cleaner or cotton swab, clean around the on/off switch and indicator lights.

Dirty, Hairy

Let’s tackle our brushes and combs, shall we? Your hairbrush is a trap for dust, dirt, oil, sweat, product buildup, bacteria. . . And, oh yeah — hair. Feh! If you use your brush every day, imagine how nasty it gets after just a week. And here you are, going months without cleaning it, then brushing that veritable goulash of grossness through your freshly washed hair. Not on our watch! Give your brushes and combs a good scrubbing at least every couple of weeks — preferably weekly.

Come clean:

  1. The first order of business is thoroughly removing the hair trapped in your brush. There’s a special tool for this that looks like a little rake, which you might find at a beauty supply store (the Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner is one, and it’s available at Ulta.) Or use a sturdy wide-tooth comb. In a pinch, try the rat-tail end of a comb.
  2. Toss brushes and combs in a sink or dishpan containing one part ammonia to four parts hot water and let them soak for a half hour or longer. You can also use a clarifying shampoo or detergent. Scrub combs with a toothbrush dipped in soapy water — get right in there between the teeth (if your brush is made of wood or rubber, scrub it thoroughly with a toothbrush instead of soaking). Rinse well under running water.
  3. Shake brushes, blot with a towel and let them air dry overnight.

And those are our not-so-dirty little secrets for keeping your heat styling tools clean! For more tips on hair care and styling, follow us on Instagram @NuMeStyle, or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com.

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