Traveling Made Easy: Essentials to Keep Your Hair Stylish on the Go

November 09, 2018 3 min read

Traveling Made Easy: Essentials to Keep Your Hair Stylish on the Go

TSA can take my full-sized shampoo, conditioner ,and mousse but they can never take away my NuMe Travel Set or Jet Setter Pro Mini Tools. Proudly pack either one in your carry on and save the extra $50 that airline-that-will-go-unnamed-but-you-know-exactly-who-I'm-talking-about is trying to tack on for that checked bag.

Extremely convenient and a lot of bang for your buck, here's why you should be tripping over these kits, and possibly snagging one before you take your next trip:


Jet Setter Pro Mini Tools

The Jet Setter Pro Mini Tools set is a convenient, practical (and not to mention, very cute) solution to the struggle of trying to squeeze your entire haircare arsenal into an already stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase. You know how sometimes you've packed everything and then think, "Wait! My hair dryer!" Then your travel companion might say, "The hotel will have a dryer," and you second guess how you can be friends or lovers with the person who trusts the quality of the Holiday Inn hairdryer? I feel you so hard. That's why NuMe's compact dryer is so legit; it's small but mighty and still comes with the infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technologies that make your hair look shiny and awesome.

And another thing: don't you hate having to decide how you're going to wear your hair the entire trip? What if you want to go daytime curly and nighttime straight? Just like you don't know what your outfit vibe will be from day to day, the same goes for your hair. You need options! Enter the mini flat iron and curling wand included in the mini tools—which are also, incidentally, very freaking cute. Honestly, who doesn't like the mini version of anything? Bonus: The heat resistant styling glove is also included (luckily, it's not mini).

There is also a diffuser attachment for the dryer. There are not a lot of guarantees in life, but I can definitely promise you that no hotel dryer ever comes with its own diffuser attachment. That's a fact.

The best part is, all the tools fit into a cool case that you can just store in your closet between trips— need to pack up all your staple at-home tools. You also have your choice of color, which is fun, come on, admit it. Pick between red, black, shimmery bronze or easter egg (okay, more like lavender but dubbing it 'easter egg' lets you know it's a very special lavender).


Travel Set

The Travel Set is a great option if you can live without your full-sized hair dryer but have the kind of hair that demands a full-sized straightener and/or curling wand, or if you happen to have a little more room in your bag.

This set also comes complete with a compact dryer, a 25mm curling wand, and a slim hair straightener. And a concentrator attachment is also thrown in to ensure that blowout is equipped to survive a day of sightseeing or family-seeing. There is a heat resistant styling glove thrown in there too because who can remember to bring their heat resistant styling glove?

Everything fits nicely into a light travel case for this set as well. So it's easy to pack, unpack, repack...or perhaps keep in your car, so it's always ready for last minute road trips!


Other Suggestions

Dry shampoo: always and forever. Also, don't forget your favorite round brush for blowouts and hair smoothing serum in a travel-sized dispenser. I would probably commit a crime if TSA tried to swipe my full-sized version, and God help me if it explodes in my [reluctantly] checked bag.

If it's an overnight flight or just an extra long one, never underestimate the power of wet hair pulled into a super high (I'm talking almost to your forehead) top knot, then releasing it when you get off the plane. Curls can be touched up later with a curling wand once they're fully dry.

You may be on vacay, but your hair regimen doesn't have to be. Those Instagram selfies in front of a famous landmark or your parents' Christmas tree certainly aren't going to style themselves.

So there you have it, super cute and easy hairstyles that you can do for any occasion! Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeHair or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers.


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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