The Ultimate NuMe Q&A: Answering Everything You Asked on All Things Hair | Best Flat Iron 2019

July 08, 2019 3 min read

The Ultimate NuMe Q&A: Answering Everything You Asked on All Things Hair | Best Flat Iron 2019

We consulted with Ernesto Garcia from The Harlot Salon in Los Angeles to get the professional take on all your questions and including the NuMe products that can help execute his advice. Don't forget to take advantage of our Black Friday in July Sale where you can get up to 45% off using Code: BLACKOUT!


Question: "How do I lay baby hairs down?"


Ah, the baby hairs that just won't quit. According to Garcia, there is a way to tame them. He says to "lightly spray the section of where the baby hairs are with a spray water bottle." Then he recommends you "use a small brush, very similar to a toothbrush, with pomade on it and brush the baby hairs down going with the way the hair grows."

For an extra dose of taming, we'd set those pesky babies down with a light hold hairspray like our Freeze Please Finishing Spray.

Question: "What's the best solution to recover damaged and bleached hair?"


First off, back away from the shampoo. "I would wash your hair less, at least once or twice a week so the oils of your hair would help maintain the shine," says Garcia. "Also, I would deep condition your hair once a week, making sure that there are proteins in the deep conditioner. Those proteins will help it recover from the damaged ends."

Using our Tourmaline Hair Mask a few times a week is an excellent option for helping to speed up the recovery of damaged hair.


Question: "I have super fine hair. What's the best solution to add some volume?"


Garcia's go-to suggestion for volumizing fine hair is perfecting your drying technique. "When your hair is damp, I would turn your head upside down and start blow drying your hair until it's almost dry. Then flip it back up and there's your volume," he explains.

Another way to add volume to a blowout? Use a root lifter like our Root Werk on damp roots before drying. For fine hair that's already dry and needing a lift, we'd suggest reviving locks with an aerosol dry shampoo such as our Fresh 'N Fab.


Question: "Which type of straightener would work best with my thick hair, tourmaline ceramic or titanium?"

Style Setter Straightener & Megastar Straightener

If you're debating between tourmaline ceramic and titanium and your hair is on the thicker side, we'd recommend our Style Setter Hair Straightener, which has ⅞ inch pure titanium floating plates. The direct heat of titanium makes the process of smoothing thick or coarse hair easier. Also, since the titanium is lightweight, the tool is slightly less heavy and it not as challenging of an arm workout (since straightening naturally thick or curly hair will take longer).

While a flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates like our Megastar Straightener will still get the job done for any hair texture, the extra power from the titanium plates in the Style Setter is advantageous if you are regularly flat ironing thick hair.


Question: "I recently cut my hair shoulder-length, what is a cute hairstyle I can achieve with my new length?"


Fret not—there are solutions for your shorter 'do. "[For] shoulder-length hairstyles, wearing your hair half up and half down and adding some big curls on the ends is definitely a cute going out style or just chilling at home style," suggests Garcia.

To get those big curls he mentions, we'd go with a staple like our Classic Curling Wand in a 32mm barrel.


Question: "How can I avoid my hair-color from fading away quickly?"


Fear of the color fade is real. Garcia's pro tip: "When you wash your hair use cold water, this will help the cuticles stay closed and trapping the color letting the color last longer. Also using a color protecting shampoo and conditioner will keep the color intact."


We hope this helped! We're always doling out hair advice, inspo, and ideas on our Instagram @NuMeHair. Don't forget to check out Ernesto Garcia on Instagram @ernestogarcia222 as well. Join our VIP squad, the NuMe Rewards & Loyalty Program, to earn points on all your purchases. It's the quickest route to receiving gifts, products, tools, and even tickets to exclusive NuMe events.



Looking for more hair inspo? Check it out here & here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome

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