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Loosen Up Your Tight Hairstyles to Prevent Thinning Hair

June 21, 2018 4 min read

Loosen Up Your Tight Hairstyles to Prevent Thinning Hair

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Summer just passed, and most of you wore your hair up in different variations of updos like ponytails, braids and more. Now that it's starting to cool down, it's time to let your locks loose to flow with the autumn breeze. Aside from looking cute this season, you should also let your hair go from restricting hairstyles to prevent your hair from thinning out. What, what?!? Yes. Your hair has a higher chance of thinning if you consistently wear it in tight styles. If you’ve ever felt scalp soreness after a long day of space buns, we’ll explain what this sensation is trying to tell you and why. Don’t fret, my dears, you can stop the process before it starts to become a major problem.

Scalp Stress Is Real - Hairstyles and Techniques That Cause It

When your hair is in pain that can make you feel all sorts of things. The issue can also cause you to wonder what is going on with your hair and why. Itching, burning, and soreness in your scalp, especially when you move your hair is more than just uncomfortable; it’s a sign that something is happening. Your hair is trying to tell you that it’s being pulled too tightly or set in a way that causes the follicle to experience stress at the root which makes your scalp feel sore.

This sensation you’re feeling has a name, and it’s called traction alopecia which is caused by stress on your strands when styling. The condition starts around the temples and front of the hairline in most people since this area is where the pulling starts. Tracked and sewn in hair extensions, intricate braids, man buns, and high ballerina buns (for which the condition was once named) all play a role in permanently thinning hair. The hairstyles that cause the most tension on your scalp are high, slicked back and tightly wound buns, cornrows and anything that pulls hair back from your crown.

Teasing the hair is another common practice that we all participate in to create texture and the illusion of volume when you have fine hair. However, if you’re rough with your tresses as you tease, then you’re only adding stress the root of each hair follicle. The problem here is that when the hair follicle becomes weak and stops responding to growth, that’s it. When you can avoid rough styling, please do. Treat your hair with respect and style with a conscious, gentle hand.

Heavy Accessories Weigh On Hair, Try Lighter Accents

Another big issue is the hair accessories you’re using when to finish off each look; if these hair accessories are too heavy, then it might be a good idea to swap them out for something lighter or try to wear them only for a short time. There are plenty of studies that show any heavy accessory or covering the hair with weighted hats can also cause a pattern of baldness to develop.

Hair extensions are a considered a hair accessory, but they can be damaging for some. To avoid extension strain, try loose fitting extensions that don’t require sewing into the hairline if you already have fine hair to start. We recommend going trying clip-in extensions if you can’t live without them, using alternating placement each time you wear them or suspended extensions that don’t require clips. Stick with lighter hair accents if you’re planning to wear them regularly or long periods of time.

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Let Your Hair Fall Into Loose Styles

Instead of keeping your hair too polished and tightly secured at the top of your head, try messy but cute relaxed styles that let up on the tension. Loose ponies that tie at the nape of the neck, topped with a cute light bow will do the trick or loose braids that start lower on the head so that there’s not much weight pulling the elastic or accessory downward. The trick is to avoid pulling too tightly from the front of the hairline since the back portion of your hair is anchored close to the root. A neat trick to a stress-free ponytail is to pull the front section of your hair forward before pulling hair into a ponytail, then securing with an elastic and using the remaining strands as an elastic wrap.

The best advice we can give you is to go out, get a trim and add some texture to your ‘do. That way you can let your hair fall loosely in wavy, curly or straight looks without any tension at all. During the summer months, it’s hard to leave your hair down 100 percent of the time, but fall is the perfect weather to let it all just hang loose. The hottest hairstyle is the textured bob for short style and the textured lob for long. If you’re wondering how to achieve flawless beach waves, check out this post on the key to creating perfect beach waves.

What To Do When Scalp Soreness Is Persistent

Traction alopecia isn’t necessarily permanent, but you do need to catch it and pay attention to these warning signs early on. It’s not only tension with tight hairstyles that can cause your hair to start thinning, but it’s also how much product you put in your hair daily and if you’re using hair care with ingredients that can get trapped in the hair follicle, causing follicle blockage and further inflammation. We always recommend that you take the time to check out which ingredients are found in your hair care to make sure they’re nourishing your scalp and cleansing as needed.

NuMe hair care products are conscious, special formulas using botanicals with strengthening and moisturizing capabilities that won’t create build-up. Washing your mane regularly is important while only committing to dry shampoos once a week at most. Hair vitamins can also help reduce thinning by promoting blood circulation bringing essential nutrients to your scalp that keep it healthy.

Our hair goals are to make yours spectacularly luscious. For more tips and tricks, visit us on Facebook at NuMe Hair Styling Products or sign up for our newsletter at

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