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What's In Our Travel Bag | A Jet Setter's Travel Must-Haves

February 24, 2020 | Posted by NuMe Team
What's In Our Travel Bag | A Jet Setter's Travel Must-Haves

The best way to maintain your hair throughout any vacation trip is to plan and think ahead! Consider the climate, location, activities, and overall vibe that you're going for on this trip. These factors are essential to figuring out what is truly necessary for your next vacay. Check out some of our essentials when it comes to catching flights!

Ultimate Hair Carry-On’s

 Jet Setter Pro Black

We really don't believe in a perfect travel schedule. Some gals travel throughout the year, whether it be for work or fun. No matter when, why, or where you go, there's one must-have on your travel bag when it comes to hair and that NuMe Jet Setter Pro-Mini Tools! This set includes miniature versions of our hair straightener, curling wand, and an ionic blow dryer. It will keep your hair glowing and fabulous around the world, achieve a variety of hairstyles without adding extra weight to your carry-on. With this essentials mini set, you don't need to compromise your at-home hair routine when you can go from curly to silky straight hair.


So, what exactly do these mini tools bring to the table? Or, in this case, your trusty carry-on bag! The mini blow dryer helps fight frizz and boost volume using negative ion conditioning technology. The straightener gives your hair a sleek straight look, and the curling wand has a diameter measuring 25mm at the base and 13mm at the tip for dimensional curls. Let's mention the variety of color options! They come in four different hues: red, easter egg, black and shimmery bronze. Now, you definitely have no excuse not to get it! 


Quick tip: Put some bobby pins and hair ties in your travel beauty bag. You never know if you will need to pin or pull up your hair to change up your look or to save you from a hair disaster. It's tiny and won't even take up space. 


Skincare On-The-Go

We've covered some basic hair needs, now let's chat skincare. The essential skin must-haves when on vacay should include sunblock, makeup removers, a cleanser, toner, and of course, a moisturizer. Here are some of our travel-sized picks: when it comes to makeup wipes try these travel size ones by Neutrogena, they quickly remove dirt and makeup. If you're in need of an excellent product to protect you from the sun, the Aveeno Mineral Sensitive Skin Sunscreen can help protect even the most sensitive skin types! For your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, get mini versions of your skincare staples such as the Mario Badescu "Take It To Glow". It has the essential skincare products in a friendly travel size to keep your face radiant, replenished, and hydrated. 


The Essential Basics


Don't forget to pack up your bathroom essentials such as your dental supplies, and bath and body products.  It's important to remember the basics when it comes to hygiene. 


These products should get you through that vacay without any hair fails. There really is no need to neglect any part of your daily hair, skin, and beauty routine when there are some travel-size options available to you! Bon Voyage! 

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