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Welcome to NuMe!

NuMe's high-quality premium products are the innovation of Sabrina Maren, who was born in Schwetzingen, a small town in Germany. Sabrina is all too familiar with the daily struggles we all experience with our hair. Spending endless hours battling unruly, frizzy, and damaged hair was not an option. She always thought to herself: "There has to be a better way. Daily hairstyling should be easy."

Sabrina decided to research solutions for herself to find the most high-caliber products available. She discovered an industry that fascinated her and launched her first business venture in 2004, marketing and developing products for a prominent European hair styling tool company. By 2009, she knew the time had come to launch her own brand, and NuMe was born.

For over a decade, Sabrina has been on the forefront of heat styling advancements and chose the name NuMe because, "When the tools were created, and I was testing the technology on my unruly hair, the results and transformation continued to make me feel like a 'New Me' aka NuMe.

Recognized as the 2017 Brand of the Year by the Hollywood Beauty Awards, NuMe proudly serves over 2 million happy customers in 52 countries and growing.


Our Products

State of the art design

As industry innovators, we've continued to raise the bar on styling tool design by using only 100 percent pure stone ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, and titanium plates and barrels. Our cutting-edge technology professional quality hair dryers allow you to spend less time drying with its brushless motors as you overcome your daily hair struggles.

All NuMe tools feature far-infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technologies for a healthier form of heat styling vs. conventional methods.
Our technologies never sacrifice your ease of use or comfort-from soft-touch exteriors to extra-long swivel cords, and every last ergonomic detail is carefully considered.

As unique as you are

We honor individuality and understand that no two heads of hair are entirely alike, so we've developed a wide range of products to suit your own unique look specifically. Whether your hair is thick and curly, fine and straight, long, short, color-treated or natural, our products are designed to serve every hair texture and length. Because beautiful, healthy hair leads to fabulous self-expression.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - help you create your “new me.” NuMe believes in designing professional-quality hair styling tools and hair care products that are accessible to everyone and enables you to replicate salon results at home.

For over ten years, we have designed and manufactured hair styling tools and hair care products, using the highest quality ingredients and materials that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. With every NuMe release, our key focus is healthy hair backed by extensive laboratory and production research. Our process is this: we listen, we create, and we empower women around the world.

Our styling tools help transform the look, health, and texture of your hair and bring a touch of luxury into your daily styling routine. Our philosophy reflects the quality of our products, ultimate hair health, and your absolute 100% satisfaction. We help you transform and become your better self.

Building Your Beauty

At NuMe, we believe in creating professional-grade high-end products that are accessible to everyone, using only cruelty-free, eco-friendly materials, and ingredients. As developers, we first listen to our customers, then create, to empower individuals of every age, sex, and background to realize their beauty ineffective, healthy ways. Like our name suggests. Every time you look in the mirror, we hope our products encourage you to look and feel like a "new me." 


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