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The Wet Hair Takeover: The Latest Beauty Trend & How to Achieve It Yourself

noviembre 20, 2018 3 lectura mínima

The Wet Hair Takeover: The Latest Beauty Trend & How to Achieve It Yourself

There are actually a few ways to approach creating hair that looks like you just left the set of a poolside swimwear photoshoot for Vogue, depending on how extreme you want to go with the whole "wet" part. Regardless, drying clean hair (use the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer, if you really want to up your hair drying game) is a great place to start to get the wet hair look. Contrary to what you might think, your hair actually needs to be dry before you begin. "If I were going to do this style, I would dry the hair completely. The 'wet hair look' should only look wet, not feel wet," says Los Angeles based hair stylist, Tianna Donyes.


For a More Casual Version of the Wet Hair Look


After drying your hair, you're going to be applying a wet hair look product that delivers both shine and hold, section by section. Keep in mind, straighter-haired gals should work with smaller sections. Before styling with a curling wand on each section of hair, work in a serum like the NuMe Gloss Boss, using your fingers starting at the ends and middle, working your way up toward the roots, so there is less product near the scalp (where there is already naturally more oil).

Then wrap the section around the curling wand (not getting too close to the root) and slide it back and forth, so it stays in motion. Keep the sections angled downward as you style. Release the curl and if it feels too set or "perfect curl-ish," gently pull on it with both hands while it's still hot, giving it a more relaxed look. Continue this process all over the head, twisting the hair pieces at the ends when you're done. Rubbing the ends of the sections between your palms will give it a more piecey texture. 

Donyes recommends using any shine cream/serum, such as the NuMe Seal the Deal End Sealer, on the tips to finish the look. Use your fingers to rake the wet hair look product through and squeeze it into the ends. Continue to twist the ends and flip your head over to perfect the level of messy to your liking. A middle part or a deep side part can work to get the wet hair look, so go with what feels right for you!


For a More Dramatic Version of the Wet Hair Look


Donyes suggests a wax or texturizing pomade. "Work into dry, clean roots until saturated and then comb through to mids/ends." Then also use any shine cream or serum on the ends to polish off the look, twisting the ends as previously described. Remember the more product you use, the "wetter" your hair is going to appear.


For the Straight-Up Kim Kardashian 2016 VMAs Wet Hair Look



According to a 4-1-1 piece by Bustle, for this awards show look, KK's hair stylist applied primer (avoiding the roots), oil and texturizing mist to wet hair, then dried with a hairdryer that had a diffuser attachment without touching the hair as he dried. The look was finished with a tool similar to the NuMe Style Setter Hair Straightener, more oil, and shine spray.



If you feel you're at peak hotness the moments after you step out of the ocean in the summer, this look is for you! Be sure to follow @NuMeHair on Insta for more style ideas or sign up for our newsletter at for hair tips and exclusive offers. Tag us if you use our products and realize they're a [mane] game changer!


Still thirsty for more hair inspos? Check it out here!


Author: Mary Patterson Broome



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