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The Perfect Date Night Hairstyles

agosto 04, 2022 2 lectura mínima

The Perfect Date Night Hairstyles

Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day are right around the corner. Regardless of whether you're planning on staying in or going out, you want to look and feel your best. 

Voluminous Curls

voluminous curls

Volume, volume, volume! Voluminous curls are always a great choice when it comes to date night! In order to ensure there's lot of body and dimension, alternate the direction of your curls - curl some pieces away from your face and others towards your face. We recommend our Classic Wand or Octowand, since it comes with 8 interchangeable barrels so you have endless styling options! Both wands are made of tourmaline ceramic and use NuMe's propriety Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Conditioning technology, allowing you to create long-lasting hairstyles.

Effortless Waves

Classic Curls

If you're going for an effortless look, then this is the one for you! Start with Watch Me Werk Heat Protectant, curl your hair with your favorite curling wand, brush out the curls, then finish with a light hold hairspray. For this look, be sure to curl all your hair on each side in the same direction - this will ensure that when you brush it out, it forms a more unified wavy look. We recommend curling your hair away from your face.

Messy Bun

messy bun

Believe it or not, creating the perfect messy bun can take a lot of practice. There's a lot more to it than just twisting your hair up. We recommend starting with a classic ponytail then twisting the hair around the base of your ponytail and pinning in to place. The will help you better control the placement of your hair and ensure there aren't any gaps. NuMe's Root Werk Root Lifter is great for adding texture and helping you create the perfect shape!

Accessorized Ponytail


Take your ponytail to the next level by adding some accessories. The addition of a silk scarf can take your ponytail from basic to flirty. 

Fun (Space) Buns

Space Buns

Looking to try something new? Try giving space buns a go! This hairstyle is super fun and versatile - just part your hair in half and create two messy buns instead of one. You can even do a half up half down look with mini space buns. Add hair clips, scarfs, scrunchies, headbands, or whatever else you can think of! 


What's your go to date night hairstlye?

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