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September 27, 2018 | Posted by NuMe Team

Photo Credit: Clueless, Paramount Pictures 

Doc Martens, Clueless-worthy plaid ensembles and mini backpacks are having a moment. So, obviously, the hair needs to match the vibe: 90s all the way. Here are 6 DIY-able hairstyles from the decade that brought you Britney, butterfly clips and Saved by the Bell:


Double Buns


It’s basically the hair that crowned Gwen Stefani the queen of No Doubt (and perhaps the entire decade). In its heyday, people were rocking multiples knots with a zig-zag parts. The perk with this look is it can really work with curly or straight strands. Using a smoothing serum and flat ironing the hair first are totally optional. You can also pull each bun sort of halfway through the elastic, then wrap the remaining strands around it and secure with a pin.




Products to help you get the look: White Truffle Serum, Megastar Hair Straightener, Bobby Pin Set\\


Half Bun


The half bun is basically a top knot with its own special hair train. Hashtag #fancyhair indeed. It’s super easy to pull off and flattering for any texture—it’s a look that says “Sure, I came to party but let’s not burn the house down.” It’s also great for those days when you can only muster enough energy to style half your hair. We get it.

Products to help you get the look: Magic Curling Wand (if you want to get curly with it), Megastar X Straightener (if you’re feeling a more sleek energy)




“The Rachel”


The hair that made Jennifer Aniston famous, this cut is more ubiquitous with the 90s than rollerblades and slap bracelets. Today’s version is a little softer and a little longer, and usually with a centered-part—which has been dubbed supermodel chic (as far as we’re concerned). Also, maybe go easy on the drastic chunky highlights. There can really only be one Rachel Green in this lifetime.

Products to help you get the look: Root Werk Root Lifter, Ionic Round Brush, Bold Hair Dryer, Megastar Hair Straightener 









Flipped Bob

This one proved that the Olsen twins were trendsetters from the jump. You might have to get your tresses snipped to just above the shoulders to pull this one off but, much like the twins’ refusal to be part of the Full House reboot on Netflix, sometimes you gotta know when to let go. Shine like Mary-Kate and Ashley’s tween movie franchise with this fun, pin-straight-with-a-tiny-flip-at-the-bottom look.

Products to help you get the look: Gloss Boss Serum, Ionic Round Brush, Bold Hair Dryer, Fashionista Hair Straightener, Hottie Alert Shine Hair Spray





Extra Curly and Bouncy


Picture Mariah Carey on the cover of her Emotions album or Sarah Jessica Parker in the opening credits of Sex and The City. The more voluminous, the better. Gals with natural ringlets can probably even make this happen with an air dry. Easy like Sunday morning Mariah hitting the high notes.

Products to help you get the look:  Stealth Dryer, Signature & Stealth Dryer Hair Diffuser, Classic Curling Wand Pearl



Hair Twists


Please advise: this style can be done without the assistance of 849 butterfly clips. Reminiscent of Alicia Silverstone on 90s red carpets, the twists can work for up-dos and up-downs. Flat ironed, super smoothed tresses can help hammer home the spikey appeal of this look.

Products to help you get the look: Seal the Deal End Sealer, Technique Slim Hair Straightener, Bobby Pin Set


So, there you have it, 90's hairstyles that are worth trying out again (or so we think)! Did we miss any hairstyles?  Share your thoughts with us on IG @NuMeStyle or sign up for our newsletter at NuMehair.com for hair tips and exclusive offers.


Author: Mary Patterson Broome


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