NuMe Vegan Hydrating Tourmaline Shampoo

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One Shampoo to Rule Them All!

For years chemists and labs have departmentalized hair care by desired result and hair type. Fine haired folks looking for volume are encouraged to use volume enhancing products, and heavily processed heads of hair are encouraged to use another. Wonder if we’ve been missing the bigger picture in hair care?

While there is certainly no problem with customizing your hair care routine to your desired styling results, it’s also important to remember that we all have the same basic hair goals; reduce frizz, maintain hair and scalp health, and look good doing it! 

Introducing NuMe’s Vegan Tourmaline Shampoo, the only shampoo of its kind to provide any head of hair with the healthy foundation it needs to be styled any way you want.

What’s NuMe’s Secret?

Meet Our 11 Active Amino Acids!


Promotes actual hair re-growth!


Strengthens hair, minimizes hair loss, moisturizes, and protects from the damaging effects of bleach.

Aspartic Acid

Strengthens your hair's natural defense system, making it less likely to show signs of aging from environmental damage.


Improves skin elasticity, increases collagen production, and promotes skin repair and regeneration. Used as a building block in the production of proteins.


Locks in water to hydrate strands while strengthening the building blocks of your hair.


Boosts collagen, repels static, increases hair elasticity, and enhances texture.


Provides protection from free radicals and improves tensile strength and color-retention of dyed hair.


Keeps hair hydrated and well-nourished


Improves hair surface hydrophobicity of bleach-damaged hair.


Improve tensile strength.


Active anti-aging ingredient that stimulates cell renewal and provides elasticity and resilience.


Tourmaline Powder

Used in luxury skin care products throughout South Korea and Japan, and admired for its energy healing benefits for centuries, tourmaline is a natural producer of negative ions which effectively penetrates hair to deliver every frizz-fighting, cleansing, and hydrating benefit deep within the hair’s cortex.

Hydrolyzed Quinoa

Improves color uptake and retention while strengthening hair to reduce breakage. Packed with essential protein, think of this ingredient as the ultimate strength building exercise for your hair!

Low PH

Won’t strip curly or frizzy hair of its healthy oils, but still leaves each strand feeling clean! Normal or thinning hair? With an all-time low PH of 5.0, this shampoo won’t weigh your hair down while still effortlessly cleansing it for brilliant shine.


Tourmaline is a gemstone found in several eye-catching colors (although we are especially fond of the energizing green variations) but it's the gemstone's unique ability to produce negative ions that has popularized its use in luxury skincare products across South Korea and Japan. Tourmaline's negative ions have the power to penetrate deep within our skin and hair making it a powerful delivery system for other ingredients like; proteins, amino acids, collagen, you name it! Tourmaline is incredibly efficient at maximizing the benefits of whatever product it's added to, and NuMe has discovered that hair care is no different.

While tourmaline in a beauty product isn't new. Nume's application of the gemstone in hair care certainly is! Using Tourmaline powder as an active ingredient along with 11 amino acids, and hydrolyzed quinoa proteins, Nume has developed the unicorn of all shampoos (thinks bright green, glittering horn here).

A color-safe, low ph, volumizing, and cleansing shampoo, it promotes new hair growth while restoring your scalp and hair from root to end. NuMe's Tourmaline Shampoo won't weigh down fine hair but is equally hydrating for all textures and is especially good for aging or color-treated hair. Your scalp can say goodbye to leftover residues while fully embracing some serious hydration!